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Telstra increases mobile broadband data allowances at no extra cost

In response the number of people working remotely during the coronavirus crisis, Telstra has made some big changes to its mobile broadband plans which now offer even more data at no extra cost.

The domestic allowance for small, medium and large data plans have gone from 10GB, 50GB and 100GB to 20GB, 60GB and 200GB respectively.

And they remain at the same prices – $25 a month, $50 a month and $75 a month respectively.

These updates come after Telstra added 25GB of data for post-paid and mobile broadband customers as well as unlimited home broadband data until June 30 for customers on ADSL, cable and NBN.

And on top of these plan changes and upgrades, Telstra has also waived excess data charges in Australia.

If customers exceed their data limit, their speed will be throttled to 1.5Mbps.

“As we all get used to working and learning remotely, we’ve seen a huge jump in mobile broadband sign-ups and usage across the country,” says Telstra consumer and small business group executive Michal Ackland.

“To make life easier, we’ve made some changes to our consumer and small business mobile broadband data plans to give you more value.

“If you’re like me, you’ve probably lost track of time over the past couple of months, but take yourself back to the third week of March.

“This was the week many Australian businesses went into hibernation in response to the COVID-19 crisis, and a huge number of us started working from home.

“During this week, we saw the number of activations of mobile broadband data plans rise by almost 50 per cent from the previous week. The week after, we saw another increase of nearly a quarter again.

“This was a reflection of many of us having to adapt to new remote working scenarios, creating new routines, and doing more videoconferencing than ever before.

“Supporting this shift, we have taken the decision to give a data boost to our new and existing customers to help you settle into that new normal.”