Modern technology gives us many things.

Technological Power: The Many Consumer Victories


Is there an area of life that technology has not influenced in some way or another? If there is, we don’t know about it. The effects of the digital age haven’t been all positive but, on balance, we’d have to say that it’s better to have these tools than not.

One group that would — or should — definitely agree with that sentiment is consumers, which basically means all of us. Thanks to the internet, consumers have more power than ever before. They can write reviews. They can get a free trial of the latest software, or use sites like Oddschecker to get an introductory betting deal. They can avoid scams. All of these things, and much, much more.

Power of the Voice

If you bought a microwave in, say, 1978, and you wanted to tell the world about it, what would you do? You could just start casually talking about the pros and cons of the microwave with your friends, but 1. If they had no interest in microwaves, then that would be odd, and 2. your reach would be limited.

Thanks to the web, you can tell the whole world about your experience of a product, service, or company. If it’s trash, then you can warn others. If it’s great, then you can tell the world about it and support the manufacturers. We take it for granted that we can do these things, but it’s an entirely new phenomenon, one made entirely possible thanks to a connected world.

Avoiding Scams 

Technology hasn’t always been good for consumers. In the early days, there were plenty of people who fell for scams or who had their credit card information stolen. That was the failure of technology for consumers. But now? Things have changed. There are still scams, of course, but the landscape looks much better than it did in days gone by. This is due to advancements in the world of digital security and also because of the work of Google, which has actively punished low-security websites by ranking them low on the search results page. The result? A digital landscape where consumers can feel confident that their data is secure and that the products they order will turn up.

Finding Deals

Everyone loves a deal! It’s just that, in the olden days, all the power of those deals lay with companies. The high-street store may say they have a deal, but, in truth, those deals were likely not as good as the company made out. Today’s digital world really does offer excellent deals for consumers. This is because they have to; the competition is simply too fierce. Additionally, consumers benefit because consumers help each other; there are entire websites dedicated to highlighting deals across the web. As such, you can find offers on anything, whether it be betting offers, home insurance savings, cheap travel, and so on.

Photo by Anna Shvets

Global Products 

Let’s return to 1978 and picture this: if a local store didn’t have the item that you were looking for, what would you do? Realistically, you’d have to do without or order it from a catalogue and wait for a long time for it to arrive. But today, you can order products from all around the world and know that they’ll be with you soon; sometimes, ridiculously soon. It used to be that you’d have to journey to the United States or Japan if you wanted the latest devices. Today, you can order it online and have it within a couple of days. We’re truly living in the future!


Finally, technology has put consumers in control. They can get in touch with a customer representative at any time they like. They can buy products night and day. They can manage their purchases, subscriptions, and more online. This is all a far cry from how things were in the past when consumers had to play by a business’s rules. Now, it’s essentially the other way around.