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Steve Jobs to introduce new iCloud service next week

applethumbWWDC keynote

Apple boss Steve Jobs will kick off next week’s Worldwide Developers Conference to make a number of software announcements including an all-new streaming service called iCloud

The company will unveil its next OS X release Lion along with iOS5 which powers the iPhone iPad and iPod Touch.

There is also speculation Apple, despite a release pointing out the new software, may also introduce its latest iPhone. 

Apple took the unusual step of pre-announcing the subjects, in this case software updates, would be discussed and even went further to pre-announce the new iCloud service – something Apple rarely does.

Mr Jobs will anchor the keynote on the opening day of WWDC next week alongside key staff members who will take attendees through the new OX Lion operating system and the upcoming iOS 5 software for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Last years’s WWDC in San Francisco saw the first official introduction of the iPhone 4 and this has been the case with the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS which were also introduced at previous WWDC keynotes.

There has been plenty of speculation about whether Apple will stick to its regular habit of introducing the new iPhone at this year’s WWDC with persistent rumours the iPhone 5 won’t be released until September.

Other whispers are also circulating around the possible introduction of an iPhone Nano – a smaller, cheaper device with little memory that would stream content from the internet.

This rumour has gained strength with the iCloud announcement which will see users able to stream their own content from an online back-up or new content for the very first time.

Tech Guide will be at the keynote to kick of WWDC 2011 in San Francisco next week so stay tuned for further updates and stories as they happen.