Modern technology gives us many things.

Significant Gaming Technologies GamStop Players Can Expect


Gaming technology is constantly evolving, and with new advancements come new opportunities, experiences, advantages and drawbacks. Over the past few decades, we have gone from gambling in brick-and-mortar halls to enjoying casino games on the go. There are several significant gaming technologies available for players, whether or not you are on GamStop. Below is an overview of the top six.

Facial Recognition

Gaming avatars have evolved from the traditional emoji-like PNGs to more realistic animations built with inputs from facial recognition software. This technology allows players to create a custom avatar with striking similarity with the actual person. 

It uses advanced scanning technologies, capturing different points to create various expressions added to the digital creations. Games could soon adapt to player emotions, which is simply incredible and suitable for live casino punters.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

Virtual reality has been long coming to the gaming world and while VR consoles aren’t fully commercial, it is only a matter of time. VR headsets and technology offer the most immersive gaming experiences you’ll find via any digital interface. You can lose yourself in the gaming world, and VR makes everything more real than surreal. 

Augmented reality is another excellent technology available for GamStop players, everyone can try it on some non-GamStop casinos with free spins presented on Augmented reality allows players to step away from the confinements of a computer monitor and TV screen. The technology offers perspectives unique to the player and manoeuvres real-world spaces. For instance, you can play from your desk, kitchen counter or even the backyard, with obstacles mapped out to fit your space. Pokemon GO and Crazy Time are some of the best examples of AR-based games.

Voice Recognition and Gesture Control

Voice recognition has been around for a while but is just starting to catch up in the gaming world. This technology makes it effortless to control games without touching the controller. It recognizes voice instructions and translates them to perform the intended action without requiring the user to click on anything. 

Gesture control technologies are also advancing fast. These systems allow users to interact with their devices through gestures, such as waving a hand, nodding and other natural body movements.

Premium 3D, HD, and 4K Graphics

Today’s graphics are fantastic and a long stretch from the traditional 8-bit graphics that first emerged when computer games became popular. Whether you prefer slots and table options or fancy streaming live casino cameras, the graphics quality is far superior to before. 

Modern games come complete with crisp pixels, immersive imagery, 3D animations, and photo-realistic textures. It almost feels like you are part of the gaming world, especially when playing on a larger desktop screen. The graphics are also stunning on the scaled-down mobile screens. 4k capabilities support at least 4,000 pixels, creating vivid imagery and crisp colours that make the once-revered 1080p look outdated.

Mobile Gaming

This is probably not a new technology, but it has advanced tremendously over the past few years. Modern smartphones have insane capacities and are just as efficient as PCs. Their onset meant players were no longer restricted to the arcade and living room or in front of their desktop. 

Today, you can enjoy all kinds of games anywhere, anytime. All you need is a smartphone, tablet, or iPad with a decent processor and specs. Even hardcore console lovers fancy playing on the go, and online gambling is nowadays mostly achieved over mobile phones thanks to advanced HTML 5 wireframes.

Cloud Gaming

In the past, games were limited by the memory of the hardware (consoles, disks, computers, etc.). This is no longer the case, thanks to cloud technologies. Players don’t need to upgrade their hardware or purchase a new console to enjoy improved capabilities. 

Developers are more focused on lightening the load and less interested in creating games that require powerful hardware. Using the cloud makes it possible to stretch the server limits and stream large files and images directly to the player’s screen over the internet. All you need now is a screen that can accommodate crisp images, preferably with 4K capabilities.


Several other noteworthy gaming technologies are accessible to GamStop players and any other punter in the UK. Wearable gaming, for instance, is a rapidly evolving technology that seeks to make the gaming experience portable through wearable gadgets like smartwatches and glasses. Wearable technology started with accessories and fitness applications but is fast overlapping to the entertainment industry and provides a unique experience for players. 

The gadgets are also fashionable and have multiple functions. Whether some of these technologies will live to become part of the gambling world is to be seen, but most have massive potential and are becoming popular each day. Finally, nowadays, when you can have a whole casino in your pocket, you still need to gamble responsibly.