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Search is on for Australia’s most switched-on senior

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Older Australians are embracing technology at a rapid rate and Telstra has launched the search for the most tech-savvy senior.

There’s $10,000 in cash and prizes up for grabs so switched-on seniors who are just as much into technology as their kids and grandkids should enter.

The winner will also become the new face of Telstra’s Retired and Wired generation and be asked to share their tech tips and tricks. 

Entries are welcomed by Australians aged 55 and over and people can nominate themselves for the contest or be nominated by others.

Judges will be looking for seniors who know their way around the latest gadgets, the internet and their ability to make the most out of mobile connectivity.

Users can head to the Telstra website or the Facebook Retired and Wired page to enter.

Older Australians are flocking to the internet as well as the latest gadgets.

Telstra has launched the search for the most tech savvy seniors in Australia. Picture: photostock

The general perception of seniors is that they are not the most tech savvy users in the world.

For many this is true and they become intimidated by the technology because they have lived most of their lives without it.

Meanwhile younger users naturally take to it because they have known nothing different in their lives and it is as natural to them as the trees outside their window.

But it seems the tide is turning – especially on social networks like Facebook.

A recent study in the US showed that seniors make up 11 per cent of users and that figure is growing rapidly year on year with one in five seniors using Facebook everyday.

So if you’re a tech savvy senior or you think your parents or grandparent knows their way around the world of technology be sure to enter.

Picture supplied by photostock.