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Royal Wedding shatters online records

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The Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton became the most watched live news event online and dominated social networks.

It eclipsed the 2009 inauguration of US President Barack Obama which attracted more than 70 million live viewers online.

Yesterday Google alone reportedly exceeded 400 million viewers on its live stream of the Royal Wedding on YouTube.   

Over at Yahoo internet traffic for the Royal Wedding shaded its previous record held by Michael Jackson’s funeral which was all the more impressive considering the wedding was late at night US time.

Twitter was almost completely dominated by tweets about the Royal Wedding.

While the vows were being exchanged more than 300 tweets per second were uploaded and the top 10 trending topics were all related to Kate and William’s nuptials.

Facebook saw more than 75 status updates per second commenting on the Royal Wedding.

The BBC website almost buckled under the weight of the demand for news, pictures and information to do with the Royal Wedding.

Some visitors were confronted with error messages which said the site was experiencing “abnormal traffic”.

UK mobile phone operator O2 set up extra cells in Hyde Park and St James Park to cope with the extra traffic on the network and allow people watching the event live in London to send updates, text and picture messages.