Modern technology gives us many things.

Parliamentary committee concludes 5G is safe and transformative technology

5G is safe and transformative technology, according to the House Standing Committee on Communications and the Arts which tabled its 5G Inquiry Report in Parliament this week.

The report says 5G will provide huge opportunities for innovation and connectivity that will benefit Australian customers and businesses alike.

It also added that 5G will provide crucial building blocks to support what it calls the “fourth industrial revolution” where Australians will see the blurring of lines between the cyber and physical in their workspaces, homes and leisure time.

The report also concluded 5G will enable technologies and enhance productivity and connectivity that will provide further stimulus for the economy.

The Committee also took note of the decades of research into the health and safety of mobile technologies and assured that 5G is safe.

It said enough is known about the safety and standards of 5G technology to allow businesses and individuals to think of new use cases for 5G and opportunities it can present.

The 5G Inquiry report has been welcomed by the Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association (AMTA) and Communications Alliance.

“The broader mobile network including 3G, 4G, and increasingly 5G, has played a crucial role in enabling Australians to remain connected during these challenging recent months – highlighting our significant need for connectivity – economically and socially,” said AMTA CEO, Chris Althaus.

“The mobile telecommunications industry looks forward to working with the government on consideration of the Report’s recommendations to ensure the right regulatory environment and essential 5G mobile infrastructure is in place to enable all Australians, including those in rural and regional Australia, to benefit from the productivity and connectivity 5G will enable.”

Communications Alliance CEO, John Stanton, said: “5G will deliver unprecedented opportunity across the community and economy, and we will now take time to consider the details of this report which is built on 12 months of thorough analysis and discussion with the science and research sector, industry and community representatives.”