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Parents can monitor and protects their kids online with the new FamilyEye service


Being a parent in the digital world can be a challenge especially with kids accessing content online and on mobile devices but a new parental monitoring service called FamilyEye has just made it a lot easier.

Developed by Australian mobile technology provider Yomojo, FamilyEye offers a simple solution to allow parents to protect, monitor and track their kids online activities.

The app-controlled service works on both iOS and Android devices across all carriers with easy to access settings so you can monitor and review from the platform’s online dashboard.

FamilyEye was designed to help parents not only protect and monitor their kids but also to promote safer internet practices to empower the child with the right online values and etiquette.

On the protection side, FamilyEye can manage social media use and control in-app purchases.

It can also prevent camera and video usage and also remove adult content from websites for safer browsing.

A big challenge for parents is managing screen time for their children and with FamilyEye that is also a feature.

There are also family usage activity reports which tracks the child’s online behaviour and the websites they have accessed.

FamilyEye also features live location tracking so parents can see exactly where their children are.

You can also set up geo-fenced safe zones like your home and school and receive real-time updates and notifications when they arrive and leave those areas.

FamilyEye brings internet safety and protection into the open for families so they can have a dialogue about online behaviour and appropriate content.

It also provides parents with peace of mind knowing their children are safe online rather than just hoping they will do the right thing.

FamilyEye is a month-to-month subscription service which costs just five dollars per child per month and can be cancelled at any time.

Customers can take advantage of a free one month trial to check it out for themselves.

In addition to FamilyEye, Yomojo also offers affordable, no lock-in contract mobile, broadband and home wireless services which are all run through the Optus 4G Plus network.

Mobile plans start from as low as $9.90 per month while broadband plans kick off from just $15.90 per month.