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Optus launches internet TV service called MeTV

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Optus has announced a new internet TV service which can be accessed for less than $10 a month.

The new offering, which will launch this week, is called MeTV and sees Optus partner with IPTV provider FetchTV

MeTV will deliver free-to-air and on-demand viewing to customers via broadband and will be available to Optus fixed and mobile customers.  

This is Optus’s answer to Telstra’s T-Box and will be available to its nine million mobile customers and one million broadband customers.

Optus customers can include MeTV free on the popular $109 Optus Fusion plan which bundles with home phone, line rental and 500GB monthly data on a cable or ADSL2+ broadband plan.

The service, which starts at $9.95 for the basic package, includes a PVR (personal video recorder) with three high definition tuners and a 1TB drive for recording.

The Optus MeTV PVR which has three tuners and a 1TB hard drive

Having three tuners makes it possible for the PVR to record two programs at once and watch a third.

Viewers can also pause, rewind and record live TV while an EPG (electronic program guide) makes it easy to record programs and also link an entire series of programs.

Apart from free-to-air viewing, the MeTV PVR also allows customers to access Movie Box where the latest blockbuster movies can be rented and downloaded from $5.95 from a library of more than 500 movies in either standard or high definition. Other older titles will be cheaper at $3.95.

The service will also give users access to a selection of 30 monthly catalogue titles for free as part of their $9.95 monthly subscription.

The MeTV EPG - Electronic Program Guide - to make finding and recording programs easier

Subscription TV packs can also be added for an extra $6.95 per month and will include on-demand access to Kids, Factual, Music TV programming with a view to add World Channels (foreign language channels) soon.

Users will also be able to access apps and games through the PVR including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Users can even access news headlines and check the weather.

New and existing Optus broadband customers who sign up for the MeTV service will enjoy unmetered downloads of movies and other programs so it won’t impact on their monthly data allowance.

There are only 33 per cent of Australians who are subscribed to pay TV services according to OZTAM.

Cusrtomers can access the latest movies through the connected EPG with MeTV

With MeTV, customers can control their monthly spend and make it easily fit their budget.

Austin R Bryan, Director, Optus Digital Media said:  “With an increasingly strong content line-up, thanks to our partners at FetchTV, and an innovative user interface and functionality, Optus MeTV with fetch allows Australians to enjoy a great experience through the content they love, at a time convenient to them.”

“The way we consume content is rapidly changing. Optus Digital Media is dedicated to developing products and services that meet this consumer need and we are thrilled to be bringing this unique TV offering to Australian households.”

Scott Lorson, CEO, FetchTV said: “Optus MeTV with fetch will strike a real chord with entertainment-hungry Australian households looking for great content, functionality and a state-of-the-art PVR, all at a very attractive price.

“Optus is an ideal partner for FetchTV with scale, brand, innovation credentials and challenger attitude required to introduce a truly disruptive service and drive the next wave of pay-tv growth in Australia.”

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