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New Video Games With The Most Extraordinary Graphics


By today’s standards, games like the Legend of Zelda, Super Mario Bros, Final Fantasy VI, and Super Mario World have become outdated. Probably, one thing responsible for their disapproval in today’s gaming world is the way these games represented graphics. Even today, some would think that gameplay is the most crucial element of a full-fledged video game. But to say that graphics are a mere inclusion to video games is a false adage.

Even modern games in the best australian online casino, feature remarkable design with cutting-edge animation. And today, these games can actually do what 90s games lagged behind.

Here’s How Graphics Became a Predominant Part of Video Games

Fresh views on graphics have started evolving with the launch of new video games. And this year, more the graphical breakthroughs coming under the limelight, more recognition it has achieved from fans. And the first thing that people understood is – while graphics were thought to not be as significant as gameplays, each game has had them already. Thus, three things can be crafted from this. And these are:

  • First, graphics should not hamper your gameplay experience.
  • Second, graphics must expand the possibilities of gameplay.

And lastly, graphics must be aesthetically-pleasing only if the aforementioned two conditions are met.

Video Games with Powerful Graphics Card

So, in today’s gaming era, video games comprising extraordinary graphics need powerful graphics cards. As graphics cards aren’t inexpensive, players require graphically demanding video games to test the possibilities of visual qualities. After a standard survey, we’ve come up with these intriguing video games that not only feature insane graphics but also give a great experience in terms of visual quality. On this note, let’s present the most extraordinary video games that are bound to impress each gamer with their influentially exciting graphics.

Elucidating The Most Prominent Video Games with Decent Graphics

Here are the games that feature exciting graphics and will arrive no sooner than 2021. Let’s check the list and find out which games are surely showing off the power built in your gaming console or PC.

1) Crimson Desert

After a successful MMO Black Desert launch, Pearl Abyss thought of coming back with this upcoming game. In The Game Awards, the developer released a trailer to show off its gameplay. Much to fans’ await, this action-adventure with an open-world setup combines online multiplayer and single-player narrative in its fantasy world. Players shall explore the whole world and solve mysteries. An array of foes will be there to compete against you. The game’s competitive part is expected to be as rewarding as online slots at TrueBluecasino. But as a player, your job is to explore the globe, complete quests, and get rewarded with intriguing items. Devs are working on a decent AI having diverse tactics. The game has been anticipated for a winter-2021 launch.

2) Horizon Forbidden West

The flame-haired heroine Alloy is making a comeback with the Horizon Forbidden West. This new installment features Alloy’s tale to America’s west coast. Here, she’ll face new natural threats, enemies, and so much more. Serious fans have had their first look at this forthcoming game at the Future of Gaming event in 2020. As per announcements, PC gamers may not expect this game. The game is apparently confirmed to surface on PS5 and PS4 devices.

3) Final Fantasy XVI

The 16th title of Final Fantasy is expected to come with the most extraordinary graphics in 2021. Square Enix is planning to launch this newest entry on PS5. Gamers are really excited to get their hands on the game. Developers released the FF16 trailer way too early, which made all FF lovers go gaga over The Game Awards on Dec 10. Unfortunately, nothing was unveiled at the event, making the players feel more disappointed. But in 2021, the game is expected to launch with intriguing graphics. Let’s keep our fingers crossed!

4) Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis

Unlike other releases, this installment is not a prequel, sequel, replacement, or remake. Instead, it’s an alternative game version, better to be called a new universe. Although gamers are really excited about this game, they think developers could have named it ‘Phantasy Star 3’! Calling it ‘Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis’ is just bringing a lot of confusion for gamers to believe what it actually is. But if you’re concerned about graphics, developers are pretty confident to incorporate decent graphical features into it. Sadly, PlayStation owners wouldn’t be lucky to get their hands on this game. But for PC and Xbox owners, the countdown has already begun!

5) Sons of the Forest

Although developers have already teased for a 2021 release date, fans are more hopeful about its graphics. Being a sequel to the cult-favorite horror video game, The Forest, almost a year has passed ever since avid players saw new footage. But now, it seems that the developers have done justice from their end. The trailer of one-and-half minutes grabs the audiences’ attention. After all, it has done a tremendously beautiful job with its juxtaposing mundane alongside unnerving moments. The best part is its anticipated tantalizing story clues. And with that, PC gamers cannot hold themselves but wish for a breathtaking experience with its graphics.

6) Project EVE

So far, developers have launched two different trailers of this game. While the official trailer featured the character models and earth movements, another was a full gameplay trailer. This gameplay trailer showcased primary characters engaging in one-is-to-one with a monster. It showed the player flipping, jumping, and utilizing different combos in succession. All PS5, PC, and Xbox Series X owners will be able to get their hands on this game.


When developers work on graphics to expand the gameplay possibilities, gamers get indulged in an aesthetically-sophisticated virtual environment. Let’s hope these coming games feature what they have been anticipated with, thus far – the most extraordinary graphics!