Modern technology gives us many things.

New Technologies in Online Gaming


Of course, we all know how technology is changing every single day, this applies to the online gaming and iGaming industry considerably. Online gambling has evolved beyond many industries this past decade alone, more than others, who have done such developments in double that time.

After all, online gambling thrives off of the latest innovations that the industry brings, so it makes complete sense that the online gambling industry must continuously evolve, to keep the interests of players that expect and enjoy new things, each time they play!

AussieBets is another promising candidate that has been known to have the latest betting sites and promotions for you to claim, and always keep things interesting with their continuously evolving gambling facilities! However, we are sure you are wondering what features exactly have been developed and introduced to the gambling community-and that is exactly what we are here to tell you all about. Continue reading to find out more.

Virtual Reality 

VR is something that we all have heard of and over the past few years, and it has inevitably become far more popular within the gambling community, because it has allowed players to incorporate their favourite casino games virtually anywhere, with a realistic experience and representation. 

Microgaming are one of the most well-known iGaming brands that have invested into this technology; and have really experienced what this technology brings to their brand and game portfolio. Yes, although there are not many titles, VR has only initially been introduced as part of a classical casino experience, integrated within Roulette and Poker as of yet.

However, the great thing about this technology, is that it allows players to be fully immersed with the experience and practically feel that they are within the online casino themselves! Sure, live casino is something, but this is something else entirely-especially if you play it within real-time too!

 VR is not widely available as of yet, however it is estimated that slowly and surely, it will be introduced to the best gambling sites on the market as the year passes, and of course ones which support the iGaming software giants of the market, that are slowly but surely making their way towards the VR reality.


Payment methods like e-wallets and traditional banking options have become old news

nowadays, because cryptocurrency is the new shiny toy to use. Bitcoin of course, is a very popular and well-known option within the crypto market and very much a huge thing within the online casino market. 

When online gambling platforms jump on this wagon, it essentially provides players with far

more to their advantage, in terms of anonymity and increased transfer limits. There are many casino incentives nowadays that provide players with extra promotions and bonuses, just for using crypto currency as their main method of payment. So, we expect this technology to expand further if we are honest. Because it’s practicalities are super beneficial to gamers that constantly play online games and iGaming in particular.

Gaming on Demand

The online gaming industry is a perfect example of how everything has been developed so rapidly and easily available. Online gambling is a perfect example of this, as the gambling community are able to download and play games instantly from the click of button, do the level and extent of technological advancement.

Mobile technology is the best it has ever been to date, due to the HTML5 instant gaming software and the high definition streaming that gamers can access-just from their mobile phones! Just a decade ago, players would never think that gaming would be as accessible and exciting as this. We have come so far!

Facial Recognition

As we have all seen through our mobile phone technology, facial recognition has become the next high security craze. Your face will be treated like a unique QR code, that will ultimately allow you to avoid the continuous long nonsense of passwords and log-in details.

We envision this going bigger with casinos, as some high-end casinos already authorise this function through payment methods on their site and their mobile gambling apps.

However, soon it is expected to be the norm, to identify players to and from new casinos-which is exceptionally useful, especially if a casino wants to review if a player is newly exposed to new player bonuses. It will make their job much easier overall. 

This offering of technology, could even extend further to personalised rewards and bonuses that correlate to you and your facial recognition for example. The possibilities are endless, however one thing is for sure, you can say bye to those poor representations of yourself used on online gaming platforms, such as Avatars.

Nobody ever really likes the use of that graphic animation, as it is clearly no good physically representing you, is it? Personalised facial recognition sounds far better.