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New site lets you vent customer service frustration


uventthumbAre you a frustrated customer who wants to vent your frustration against a bank, mobile operator, insurance company or any other service provider?

Then a new website called is just what you need to get things off your chest.

The site allows users to publicize their dealings with customer service providers and share them with other customers.

Until now, many people took to social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter to try and name and shame the companies in question.

But while these complaints were visible to many on those social networks, they were largely ignored.

With, the site will actually forward user vents to the relevant companies in a bid to resolve the issue.

Companies are then rated on the site according to how quickly and how well these issues are dealt with.

The new website where users can publicize their customer service frustrations

But here’s the twist – competing companies can offer the venters on the site better deals and services.

Complaints to various industry ombudsmen are on the rise, some by as much as 50 per cent, so customer dissatisfaction is not going to disappear overnight. puts all of these complaints on its site for all to see and keeps track of their progress with some resulting in companies losing a customer over the issue.

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