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New OneShift recruiting site matches workers with casual jobs


oneshiftthumb2If anyone is looking for casual work or a short-term job then check out a new website called OneShift that can match job seekers and employers.

OneShift works a little like a dating site to bring potential employees and employers together and, at the same time, saving users time and money.

The casual workforce continues to grow and OneShift’s digital platform covers all the mainstream industries – along with a few obscure ones as well.

And this can seen in the site’s initial success with more than 35,000 available candidates and more than 2500 businesses already on the books.

But one of the most attractive parts of OneShift is the video resume facility that allows employees to complement their online resume with a video that showcases their personality and how they present themselves.

Some OneShift facts

* OLDEST employee looking for work on the site is 78.

* YOUNGEST employee is 14 years and nine months.

* MOST popular industry recruiting through OneShift is hospitality and retail.

* MOST quirky/unusual job on the site: lingerie modelling.

To help keep the jobs being filled when needed, OneShift will soon be releasing a new app which will give businesses instant and up-to-date information about potential staff.

One handy feature of the app will be the geo-location function which updates a users resume if they change location.

It also has an instant chat function with video for anyone who needs to conduct an on-the spot-interview.

OneShift is just as powerful for employers as it is for employees and makes it easier for them to fill in those last-minute job vacancies with low fees.

Genevieve George, OneShift’s managing director, came up with the idea for the recruitment site while she was travelling through Europe while looking for short-term jobs to cover her costs.

“There are huge number of students, mums, young workers and travellers not wanting to commit to full time work,” she said.

“Couple this with the enormous amount of shift work available, OneShift becomes an obvious creation.

“OneShift is there for both employers and employees, removing time and cost for both parties across the country.”

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