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Netflix, the American Giant Should Soon Offer Streaming Video Games


Netflix is the focus of fans of movies and series. Among the most popular categories are productions on the theme of gambling and online casinos. The streaming leader could expand its offering with a list of video games probably as early as next year, according to the serious US site Bloomberg. After conquering the movie and series streaming market, the American giant could diversify even further.

A New Netflix Gaming Offer?

To continue to expand, Netflix would like to use its expertise in video game streaming. Netflix says it recently hired Mike Verdu to oversee video game development. Mike Verdu was previously at Facebook working with developers on content for Oculus headsets. He also worked at EA on mobile games, and at Zynga, creator of Farmville. The Bloomberg site understands that Netflix is preparing the launch of the first streaming games. The games would be placed in a new section of the service, much like a series or movie genre. Also, according to Bloomberg, the games would be integrated at no additional cost to Netflix subscriptions. For Netflix, this is both about finding new growth vectors for an offer that is now well known to consumers, especially in countries already saturated with streaming services. In recent years, Netflix has faced fierce competition from Amazon Prime and Disney +.

Two services that currently focus on films and series, even if Amazon has started to create links with video games. Netflix will also have to face incumbent video game giants like Sony and Microsoft. The latter recently launched its streaming offer based on Xbox Series X games on PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Android. Microsoft plans to expand to television soon. So far, the tech or TV giants have not really succeeded in establishing themselves in video games.

Netflix May Add Video Games to its Catalogue as early as next year

It is therefore possible that Netflix wants to add video games to its catalogue as early as next year. This desire for diversification responds to Netflix’s strategy to no longer be just an audio-visual giant but rather an entertainment giant. However, this new mode of consumption raises many questions: How will it be possible to play (remote control, controllers, telephones, etc.)?

What types of games will be available? It remains to be seen what games Netflix will be able to bring to its platform and what technological base Netflix will adopt. The list will be decisive in judging the future success of Netflix in video games. The bet is risky, but to find out more, we will have to wait for an official announcement from Netflix!