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NBN expands fibre to two million more homes so they can access faster plans

There are more than two million more homes that can access higher download speeds via a full fibre connection on the NBN.

This fibre upgrade program is part of the Australian Government’s $2.4 billion NBN investment program.

Customers can now choose the higher residential speed tiers at up to 1Gbps with their service provider for even faster streaming, gaming and video conferencing.

“Customers are consuming more data than ever to do the things they love like streaming 4K on multiple devices, online education, next level gaming, conference calls, and uploading and downloading large files for work,” says Anna Perrin, NBN’s Chief Customer Officer.

“The need for broadband will reach levels never seen before over the next decade as the internet transforms the world and how we live, so we are growing the network to stay ahead of that demand.

Picture supplied by NBN

“With the NBN network carrying more than 80 per cent of our country’s download data – and Australians consuming more of it than ever – the availability of full fibre for more homes across Australia has never been more important.”

The NBN’s goal is for 90 per cent of homes – that’s 10 million premises – to have a full fibre connection by 2025 so they can access to NBN’s Ultrafast plans which offer speeds between 500Mbps and up to 1Gbps.

Right now 61 per cent of homes – 4.36 million premises – have access to full fibre.

Eligible homes will be updated to fibre only when an order is placed with a provider for one of the three highest residential speed tiers.

To find if you are eligible for a speed upgrade, simply enter your address at