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More Australians would use Twitter if Elon Musk takes over the platform

Australians will use Twitter even more if Elon Musk completes his takeover of the social media platform, according to the latest research from Toluna.

Musk, the world’s richest person, agreed to buy Twitter for $US44bn – a move that will make one in five Australians use Twitter even more.

But today Musk said he would be seeking to lower the price for Twitter as he sought answers about the presence of many fake accounts

According to the Toluna research, most Australians (70 per cent) know who Elon Musk is, especially the younger generations.

Among 18- to 34-year-olds, 81 per cent were familiar with Musk versus only 48 per cent of those over 55 years old.

The majority associate Musk with Tesla (62 per cent) while 14 per associate him with SpaceX and 5 per cent to PayPal.

For most Australians, Elon musk’s purchase of Twitter won’t affect their use of the platform with seven percent saying they will start using Twitter when Elon Musk completes his purchase.

Four in 10 Australians also believe Musk would improve Twitter’s performance.

Only 10 per cent of Australians think the platform would be worse under Musk’s ownership

But we do have a lot of respect for the multi-billionaire with Australians describing him as powerful (49 per cent), driven (46 per cent), intelligent (45 per cent), innovative (43 per cent) and controversial (31 per cent).

While Elon Musk’s proposed Twitter purchase has a lot of people speculating about the future of the social media platform, our research shows that if the sale goes through, it’s unlikely to have much impact on people’s usage,” Sej Patel, Country Director, Toluna, ANZ said.

“In fact, more respondents said they would start using Twitter, than those who said they would stop, if Elon Musk does manage to take over.

“Twitter has always been a great social media platform for businesses and brands to build and maintain customer relationships.

“The good news for businesses is that the sale is unlikely to impact their social media strategy.

“Of course, it’s important to continue monitoring consumer sentiment in case these sentiments change over time.”