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How the Minspy app can keep your kids safe online in 2020

Keeping your kids safe online is a challenge. Fortunately, safety apps provide a way to keep your kids safe. Although many parental control or safety apps exist today, only a handful provide reliable service. 

Minspy is one of the most advanced apps and offers impressive service to users so you won’t have to worry about your kid’s activities online. The app gives you access to almost all the activities remotely. 

In this guide, you will know how Minspy works.

Minspy – a leading parental control app

Minspy has a reputation for delivering reliable service. Minspy is a web-based parenting tool for the 21st century that helps keep your kids safe. It lets parents monitor kids remotely. 

The app has already gained a lot of attention from media outlets like Forbes and PCmag for its capabilities. It has over a million users globally and a respectable customer approval rating of 96 per cent. 

To understand what makes Minspy a reliable app, check out this guide

The app comes with over 30 features that make tracking your child a breeze. What’s more, it is one of the few apps that don’t compromise your child’s safety online. 

What makes Minspy a reliable safety app for kids?

  1. Safe 

Minspy doesn’t gather data from third-party apps. This way, it safeguards the data privacy of your child. Also, you are the only person who can access the content on your Minspy dashboard. 

  1. Jailbreak-free and root-free solution 

With Minspy, you won’t need to root your kid’s Android device or jailbreak iOS device. The app overcomes this shortcoming through technology. It is still a common practice in the industry but Minspy is one of the few to overcome it. 

Besides, jailbreaking or rooting a device compromises its security and leaves the user vulnerable. Also, the process requires technical skills to accomplish it. Fortunately, Minspy saves you from all this hassle. 

What’s more, it takes time to root or jailbreak a device that leaves the warranty on it void. 

  1. 100% undetectable 

Minspy makes it impossible for your kid to detect your surveillance activities. The app runs in the background to ensure it doesn’t interfere with device performance. 

With Minspy, you won’t need installation on iOS devices. The app uses the iCloud backup to track your kid and ensure they are safe. For Android devices, one-time access is needed to install the app. 

After installation, the app automatically disguises itself. Also, Minspy allows you to uninstall the Android app remotely in just one click. All these measures ensure your kid won’t notice you are tracking them. 

  1. Remote tracking capability 

Minspy is a web-based tracking app that lets you monitor your kids remotely. The app allows you to access your Minspy dashboard via any web browser of your choice. So, you don’t have to use any special software to keep tabs on your kid. 

Using Minspy to keep your kid safe

The process of using Minspy to keep your child safe when using their device is straightforward. Here are the steps involved: 

Step 1: To sign up for the service, visit the official Minspy website. Here, you will even choose your preferred plan and device you want to track. 

Step 2: After signing up, Minspy will let you configure your kid’s device. For an iOS device, you will need to provide the Apple ID and password of the device. After providing them, hit the Verify button. 

If your kid has an Android device, you will need to install the app. The app is a mere 2 MB and takes less than 5 minutes to install. It will automatically delete its icon after installation and disguise itself. 

Step 3: Minspy will take a few minutes to sync the contents on your kid’s device with your dashboard. Upon finishing, Minspy will let you finish the configuration process by hitting the Start button. 

Step 4: Now, log in to your Minspy dashboard. Here, you will have access to all features the app offers. To monitor your kids, use the scroll tab to the left to choose any aspect. 

Some of Minspy’s features

  1. Location tracking 

Minspy makes tracking your child’s whereabouts easy thanks to its location feature. The app grants you access to details such as location history as well as real-time location. With Minspy, you get GPS coordinates. 

To make it easy to know where your child has been, Minspy provides street addresses on a map. Also, you get a geofence feature that lets you set a virtual boundary for your child. 

When the device crosses the set boundary, Minspy will send you a notification. The feature is a lifesaver for parents to always want to know where their kids are. 

  1. Social media surveillance 

Minspy provides a way to track all the popular social media apps. It can track Facebook, Snapchat, WeChat, Instagram, and WhatsApp among others. With Minspy, you can even access deleted chats on these apps. 

Minspy accomplishes this by backing up all the chats on its server so that you don’t miss a chat. Also, you will know who your child is chatting with online. What’s more, you can access all the text messages on the phone. 

  1. Browser history

This feature allows you to access all the browser history on your kid’s device. This will let you know what your kids are searching for online and the websites he/she visits. 


The best safety app for your child should be easy to use. Also, the app should not be limited to just one platform or require technical skills to access more features. Check out Minspy for peace of mind as you monitor your kid.