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Microsoft offers AI-powered Bing and Edge to all users after successful limited preview

The new AI-powered Bing and Edge browser is now available to all to reinvent search for users in a powerful and more visual way after a successful limited preview.

The goal with the AI-powered Microsoft Bing and updated Edge browser was to address the issue that nearly half of all web searches actually go unanswered.

Bing has moved from a limited preview to an open preview which means users no longer have to sit on a waiting list to use the platform.

The other huge change is the ability to create and compose using powerful language models like open AI’s GPT-4 alongside Bing’s huge search index to come up with results that are current, accurate and conversational.

Microsoft says this is a fundamental change to the way people can find and use information.

Bing will move from being a text only search engine to one that is more visual with more images and videos in the search results.

What it will also offer for third parties is the ability to build on top of the platform’s capabilities to help people to take queries through to resolution and to complete tasks.

Also announced recently was the integration of Bing image creator which offers users the ability to create both written and visual content in one place.

Microsoft has announced this feature is expanding to more than 100 languages in Bing.

Microsoft’s Edge browser has also been redesigned with a new streamlined look, rounded corners and semi-transparent elements.

Another requested feature was the ability to access your chat history so you can not only share and export it but also go back to previous chats and dig deeper into a previous result.

You’ll also be able to move it to the Edge sidebar so you can keep the chat within reach while you’re browsing.

Coming in the next few weeks is Edge Actions.

This means that when you want to look for a particular piece of content, Edge Actions will not only locate it for you but also show you the options in a chat in the sidebar and then play the content you want from where it’s available.

What’s also coming is a third party plugin for the Bing chat experience.

This is an area that will no doubt be explored by developers to create all-new experiences with their respective apps.

One example is trying to book the latest restaurant for dinner within the Bing chat.

This will access OpenTable to help you find a restaurant and make a reservation.

To use the new Bing and Edge browser you simply sign into Bing with your Microsoft account.