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Love Wordle? Here are some other similar games to try

Lots of people love Wordle – it has become a daily habit for many players around the world, but did you know there are plenty of other similar daily puzzles to test your knowledge.

Once you’ve done Wordle you have to wait a full day before you have a crack at the new word, but you can try these other games in the meantime.


Instead of a word you have to guess a movie.

To start with you get a one second glimpse of a flash of scenes and if you guess wrong another second is added.

Moviedle also lets you skip guesses to add another second before you guess the film.

Players can also go back and guess the previous films within the game.


Think Wordle – but instead of a word you must guess the equation.

The elements of Nerdle include an equal sign, 0-9, along with plus, multiply and divide.

And you get six guesses – just like Wordle.


This is just like Wordle – but instead of playing on your own – you play against someone else online.

And Wordle Off makes it even more interesting by letting you see your opponent’s guesses to help you as well.


Instead of trying to guess a word, you need to guess a country.

With Globle, your accuracy is indicated by the colour – the deeper shade of red the closer you are.

And you also get unlimited guesses so it will be a long game if you’re not up on your geography.


This is Wordle but taken to the extreme with the game taking your correct letters and removing them and creating a new target word with your remaining letters with each turn.

And the good news about Absurdle is you get unlimited turns – but you will run out of letters which makes it easier to guess.


With Primel your objective is to guess a five-digit prime number.

A prime number is a number that can only be divided by itself and one.


Can you guess a song after hearing just one second of its intro? Then this is the game for you.

Each wrong guess with Heardle adds two seconds, then three second until the sixth guess by which time you can hear up to 30 seconds.

Lord of the Rings fans rejoice.

Lordle of the Rings takes the Wordle rules and the five-letter word is taken from Tolkien’s Middle Earth.


Posterdle starts with a heavily pixelated movie poster and when you press play it gets clearer and clearer.

But as time passes your score drops so the faster you can guess the better.