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Linksys SE2800 can get all your devices online

linksysthumbethernet switch

Today our broadband connection can be used for linking a lot more products than just our computers.

Now Smart TVs, Blu-ray players, gaming consoles, digital video recorders and network storage devices can all be connected but there’s only so many ports on your router.

That’s where the Linksys SE2800 can come to the rescue. This 8-port Gigabit Ethernet Switch can extend your connectivity to get all your devices online.  

Think of it like a powerboard for your internet connections.

Just as a power board with several sockets can plug into a single socket and provide extra connections so can the Linksys SE2800 extend your router’s broadband connectivity.

The SE2800 provides an extra eight Ethernet ports so it’s easy to add even more devices to your network.

The Linksys SE2800 can expand your connectivity and link your other devices to your broadband connection

Each ports provides Gigabit speeds so there’s no delay especially when devices like gaming consoles, high definition and 3D devices.

The device doesn’t need any set up or software drivers – it just needs to be plugged into power and then to your router and all your other devices.

It also has the ability to prioritise time-sensitive applications like video to provide smoother performance.

The Linksys SE2800 is available now and priced at $90.