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LinkedIn hits two million members in Australia

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Professional networking site LinkedIn has just passed two million members in Australia.

Worldwide the site boasts more than 100 million connections in more than 200 countries.

LinkedIn set up its first Australian office in Sydney in January 2010 and had recently opened an additional office in Melbourne. 


The networking site can connect professionals and provide information about companies and even links to the latest job listings.

“Given that we focus solely on the professional audience, this is a significant milestone for us,” says Cliff Rosenberg, managing director for LinkedIn in Australia and New Zealand.

“Our growth has been driven by Australian professionals using LinkedIn to network, build their online brand, gain insights from the community and find new career or business opportunities.

“Since we established local operations, we have seen strong demand and response for our recruitment and marketing solutions services.

“We have also had success in establishing local relationships with Optus and Vodafone Hutchison Australia to offer our members free access to LinkedIn on their mobile to drive further usage.”

LinkedIn has crossed the two million member mark in Australia

In the run up to gaining the two millionth member some interesting milestones and statistics were uncovered.

Fastest growing industry sectors in Australia are Think Tanks, Higher Education and Hospital & Healthcare.

Most common last name of professionals are Smith, Jones, Brown and Lee

There are 45.8 million connections between members

485 professionals list ‘winemaker’ as their job description

18 of the ASX-listed companies are using LinkedIn’s hiring solutions

1,276 professionals listed ‘guru’ in their profile

12,108 professionals listed ‘social media’ in their title description.

10.7% of members in Australia are small business owners.