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How to Keep Your Private Cloud Private

When asked, why opt for a private cloud rather than a public one, the answer that the majority of people will give is security. However, if the right practices aren’t put into place and the right level of diligence is not used, even a private cloud can become unsafe, and you will run the risk of your information falling into the wrong hands. Knowing how to keep your private cloud exactly that – private – is crucial, and here are some of the ways you can do it.

Don’t Use Public Wifi

If you want to keep everything you do on the cloud a private matter, using public wifi is not a good way to go about it. Public wifi is easily hackable by cybercriminals because there are fewer barriers that they have to get through to steal the information. Therefore, even if your cloud is private, using it on a public wifi system puts it at risk.

Ensure you have everything you need before you leave the office, and it will be much safer. It’s true that one of the biggest draws for using the cloud is that you can work from anywhere, and in many cases this is true, but if you choose to work on a public wifi network then you are putting everything you have worked for at risk.

Speak To The Experts

One way to ensure that your private cloud stays private and that you are preventing cybercriminals from hacking into it is to speak the experts on the matter. If you look at, you’ll find lots of information about the kinds of software and apps that you can use to keep your business (and personal items) secure.

Having this information to hand and working through the suggestions made will help you to stay as private as possible. You may even read something that you had never thought of before, and become more aware of the dangers, which could prevent the worst from happening. Remember, a business that has a breach in security will lose its reputation as well as its most loyal customers, and these will be all but impossible to get back.

Give Your Employees Information

No matter how careful you are and how much information you have or what programs you might be using to keep your cloud a private space, if your employees don’t understand why it is important to do so, you might find that you have a problem despite what you are doing to eliminate them.

Ensuring that your employees understand why they should never download suspicious looking attachments or click on links that they don’t trust, for example, will help them to stay safe, and will, therefore, help your cloud to stay safe.

If you work alone, make sure that you never give your password to anyone else, and that you change it on a regular basis. If you don’t, it will be easier for hackers to cause problems with your important, once secure, information.