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Investing in Bitcoin – What You Should Know


The volatility of the legendary price of Bitcoin have excited many traders and investors. That’s because cryptocurrencies were and still are a new asset class. So it’s not surprising that even experienced traders and investors did not know much about investing in Bitcoin at first.

Although there are many cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin is the most popular among them. It’s complicated, fascinating, and a new-age currency. It also allows users some anonymity. However, some people still think that this cryptocurrency sounds a little dangerous or suspicious. If you want to invest in Bitcoin, this article explains everything you might want to know about this cryptocurrency.

How to Get Bitcoin

You already know that Bitcoin is a digital currency. But, how do you get it? Well, you can get Bitcoin by purchasing it using a debit or credit card, hard cash, or wire transfer.

You can also mine Bitcoin. Bitcoin mining is a process of entering new Bitcoins into circulation. It’s a process of adding new transaction records into the blockchain. Bitcoin minors solve mathematics problems using special software and are in turn awarded Bitcoins. However, cyberspace has many Bitcoins that you can buy.

But, you must have a Bitcoin wallet to buy or mine Bitcoin. That’s where you’ll get a wallet ID. Essentially, a Bitcoin wallet is a place where you will store Bitcoins. It compares to the wallet that you use to store your credit cards or cash.

The main types of Bitcoin wallets to consider are:

  • A software wallet that is stored on a computer hard drive
  • An online wallet that is basically a web-based service
  • A vault service for storing Bitcoins offline

Each of these Bitcoin wallets has its advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, find out more about them before you choose your Bitcoin wallet.

Bitcoin is Pseudo-Anonymous and Digital

Bitcoin is a digital currency. That means you can’t touch or have it in a physical form. Being an electronic currency, it works online only. However, the blockchain technology is used to trace Bitcoin. What’s more, this cryptocurrency is pseudo-anonymous. That’s because you won’t be asked to share personal information whenever you use Bitcoin. You will only use the ID of your Bitcoin wallet to complete transactions. Thus, you can protect your confidential information by investing in Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is Unpredictable and Highly Volatile

Despite being a popular investment vehicle, Bitcoin is volatile just like other cryptocurrencies. Its price keeps fluctuating. This means investing in Bitcoin can be a bumpy ride. So, if you opt to invest in Bitcoin, know that one of the risks that you will be taking is associated with its volatility. Therefore, don’t spend all your savings on Bitcoin investing. Also, come up with a reasonable profit target.

Bitcoin Investors Use Different Strategies

One of the approaches to Bitcoin investing is simple speculation. However, cryptocurrency investors have their specific strategies. For instance, a Bitcoin investor can buy-and-hold, dry-trade, or use technical and fundamental analysis to evaluate assets. Predicting the highs and lows in cryptocurrencies is not easy. However, the decision to sell or buy Bitcoins is informed by specific market analysis methods. Therefore, take the time to learn the methods and concepts of evaluating cryptocurrency before you start investing.

Use the Right Bitcoin Trading Platform

If you decide to trade Bitcoin, choose the best platform. Currently, you can find many Bitcoin trading platforms. An example of such platforms is push money. This is an automated trading robot that enables newbies to venture into the crypto market. Using such a system makes trading or investing in Bitcoin easier. Therefore, find out about the available Bitcoin trading platforms and choose the right one.

The Bottom Line

Bitcoin’s popularity is always increasing. More people want to invest anonymously and Bitcoin is allowing them to do so. More online stores are also accepting this cryptocurrency. As such, this is probably the right time to invest in Bitcoin.