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Internet Explorer security warning

internet-explorer-logoflaws exposed

If you are reading this using Internet Explorer you could be at risk from hackers.

Microsoft has issued a security alert which could affect 900m users around the world.

At the heart of the problem is an exploit which can give hackers access to personal information, contacts and also install malicious code on your computer.


Internet Explorer is used by 57 per cent of worldwide internet population. Other browsers like Firefox, Safari and Google’s Chrome are safe.

Microsoft says the problem lies within the Windows operating system.

Internet Explorer users should download a patch that will prevent any short-term problem until a more permanent fix is found. You can download the patch here.

Anyone running Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 and using Internet Explorer are the most at risk.

Microsoft spokesman Angela Gunn says a hacker could design a web link which would install malicious script on their computer.

“Such a script might collect user information (e.g email)…or otherwise interfere with the user’s experience,” she said.

This security scare is poorly timed. Microsoft is about launch the latest version of the browser – Internet Explorer 9 – which the company is hoping will see them increase their market share back to January 2009 levels which was more than 70 per cent.

What current Internet Explorer users can do to protect themselves:

1. Install the Microsoft security patch – this is a temporary fix until a more permanent solution is devised.

2. Ensure security software is up-to-date. – install the latest updates for your security software.

3. Switch browsers – other browsers like Safari, Firefox and Chrome are unaffected.