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Internet Explorer 9 release candidate available now

ie9thumbnew browser

Internet Explorer 9 is a step closer to the final version after Microsoft today made the release candidate of the highly-anticipated new browser available for download.

More than 25 million people have already downloaded the earlier beta version of IE9 making it the most quickly adopted browser beta in history.

Today’s release candidate includes a number of improvements including faster browsing and enhanced graphics processing.

Microsoft says the release candidate is “feature complete” which means the next version we will see will be the final RTW (release to web) code in the coming months

Users can download the new Internet Explorer 9 Release Candidate here.

Here’s a rundown of the new features:

Performance improvement: The IE9 RC is 35 per cent faster than the earlier beta because it processes graphics quicker using hardware acceleration. Most browsers only about 10 per cent of your computer’s processing power – IE9 taps in to the remaining 90 per cent.

User interface enhancement: Improved handling of notifications, handling tabs and placing them in their own rows and the ability to pin your favourite sites to your taskbar for faster and easier access.

HTML5 support: HTML5 is the latest version of the mark-up language used to create websites that are rich in graphics and multi-media elements.

Privacy controls: Microsoft says it is committed to protecting users privacy and has introduced Tracking Control with IE9 which protects against the many forms of online monitoring. Tracking Protection Lists also allow users to manage which third party sites can track their browsing while they are online.

Users can pin their favourite sites to the taskbar with IE9

It was only last week when Microsoft issued a security alert about the current version of Internet Explorer being used with the Windows operating system.

The issue was an exploit which can give hackers access to personal information, contacts and also install malicious code on your computer.

Microsoft issued a patch for the problem which can be downloaded here.