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How to Weed Out Bad DevOps Engineer Vacancies

Each of us at least once in our life found ourselves on job search platforms and looked for suitable vacancies. However, it is far from always and not everyone is lucky enough to immediately come across a conscientious employer. And a person looking for a job does not always pay attention to the nuances that indicate certain suspicions.

So today we will consider how to screen out bad vacancies and how to immediately recognize an exploitative employer.

So, let’s simulate the situation where you are looking for DevOps engineer remote jobs. Probably, the first thing you will pay attention to is the salary level. But after seeing the desired number, do not forget to look at the other columns. So, here’s a list of points that should be evaluated before responding to a vacancy, even if you are rather interested in it.

Discriminating features

If there are requirements for age and gender in the vacancy, this is already considered a violation of human rights. In today’s world, where gender equality operates and age discrimination is considered a humiliation, such vacancies are unacceptable. Another violation is unrealistic requirements for a potential employee. These are unregulated working hours, duties that are physically impossible for a person to perform, incompatible skills, etc. Remember that an employer who is looking for three specialists in one person is not in the mood for solidarity and respect for their colleagues. Therefore, carefully read the requirements for the job you found.

Unclear Abbreviations

Each vacancy must be clearly stated. And if it contains a whole bunch of incomprehensible abbreviations, shortened words, and incomprehensible names, it means that it was written in a hurry. So, it is quite likely that the employee in this company will be treated the same, without respect. So, if you find a job opening that is looking for “a person to hire to do work in the workplace” – pass by. Or if you are still interested in this vacancy, then try to learn more about the company before making a review.

Biased Attitude Toward Candidates

This attitude is manifested in the phrases “reviews without photos, portfolios, work experience, etc. will not be considered.” Or in the list of phrases “Don’t take our time, if you don’t…”. Such a vacancy is immediately alarming and repulsive. After all, it becomes clear that a similar attitude towards the employee will be manifested in daily communication.

However, jobs with requirements, such as completing a test or answering a question, are quite normal. And you can try your chances of getting a job in these.

Errors in the Job Description

If you come across a vacancy, the text of which contains several grammatical and punctuation errors, we do not recommend applying. A company that respects itself and its reputation would never publish such a text. So, the potential employer is a little-known company with suspicious “professionals”.

Vaguely Formulated Requirements

If the job is structured from the beginning in such a way that you do not understand what your responsibilities will be, be prepared for the fact that you will do more than expected, work overtime and not receive extra pay. Companies looking for generalists are looking for cheap labor.

Salary is Not Specified

If this point, which is of most interest to users, is not in the vacancy or is replaced by the phrase “payment by agreement”, pay attention. Here is one of two things: either the company will try to find an employee at a low salary, or later save on them.

Also suspicious are vacancies where, on the contrary, an inflated salary is indicated. If you have been following vacancies for a long time, you already know the average market value of specific services. In this case, either additional duties will be hidden behind the main ones, or such a price is just a magnet to attract potential employees. And after the interview, it will turn out that the salary is half as much as stated. Such actions are aimed at making a person that is urgently looking for a job, accept any offer.

Incorrect Contact Details

Another point that indicates a suspicious vacancy is a phone number that cannot be reached, or a postal address from which there is no feedback. If you can’t get in touch with the employer, then the offer is either irrelevant or the company is irresponsible to its employees.