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How to prevent gambling harm


Considering the current situation where the gambling industry in the UK is considered as one of the fastest-growing industries, it is important to acknowledge the addictive nature of gambling and with this rapid rise of the gambling industry, it is the people who are paying a price.

Studies have shown almost 2 million people are at risk of going bankrupt falling prey to the addictive nature of gambling. In current days there are mostly online gambling transactions taking place due to its convenience and also for the fact that the new age gamblers are more in favour of online gambling.

Though most leading casinos offer games from highly credible providers such as Microgaming, Playtech, BetSoft, Azumi, etc, players tend to overshoot their capacity while placing bets. The range of free games offered at these casinos span Slots, Bingo, Keno, Roulettes, Baccarat, Poker, Sportbettings, and live dealers. The pomp and glitter often mislead players into a trance where they end up spending a fortune.

There are certain steps one can apply in order to successfully and strategically get out of addiction issues. Those are as follows:

GamStop Self Exclusion

The UK government was soon to recognize and acknowledge the problems that are being faced by people nationwide due to compulsive gambling. Addictive gambling tendencies have been the root of bankruptcy for many and recovery from the same has never been an easy task. Hence, the government supported the self-exclusion scheme called GamStop enabling people to voluntarily choose self-exclusion in order to recover from gambling habits. Players cannot proceed with GamStop reversal until the self-exclusion period expires.

The program is run by National Online Self Exclusion Scheme Limited which is a non-profit institution aimed towards eradicating the problem dealt by the entire nation almost. It was made mandatory for operators under the United Kingdom Gambling Commission to apply the rules of GamStop in order to continue their operation in a legal manner.

BetBlocker is another program that is mainly aimed towards dispute resolution in case of any issues regarding customer interaction with operators.

Block Casino Transactions

Another feasible method of exclusion from gambling can be bank transaction blocking. Some of the renowned banks from the UK have decided to support faithful gambling caused by restricting the usage of various payment cards for paying off gambling bills.

Some of those banks are HSBC, Monzo, Barclay’s, Cashplus, Lloyds Banking Group, and so on.

Gambling Blockers

There are few paid options for blocking gambling sites apart from the above-mentioned. It is mostly out of the preconceived idea that a paid service will raise a greater amount of consciousness for people to take the issue seriously or else one is losing out on his own money. Regardless of the transaction, the cause remains the same, that is to eradicate problematic gambling in lieu of a subscription fee.

Gamban is an exclusion tool helping gamblers restrict their entry into sites that are meant for online gambling in order to protect a problematic gambler trying to get over his addiction. Betfilter is another such software disabling entry into sites that allow gambling transactions. It is capable of restricting entry into any site that allows gambling-related content which is beneficial for both adults and underage players.

NetNanny is a Security Service providing security from inappropriate content by detecting and blocking sites that are unsuitable for accessing. Not just restricted to underage gamblers but also is helpful for any gambling-related issues to exclude oneself and stay away from such activities.

Gamblock is the blocking software of thousands of gambling sites. The advanced technology provides the topmost security to the registered punters, offering a ban of duration that ranges from one month to five years.

Counselling Services

The website of the United Kingdom Gaming Commission features a range of helpline numbers to seek counselling services. While in recovery mode, a punter requires psychological support in order to cope with the treatment and improvised daily practices. Oftentimes these punters are also estranged from their friends and family, which gives rise to a situation where counselling has proven itself to be indispensable.

As a part of coping up, it also leads a recovering punter to reach out for success stories to inspire them for a better future; the support groups are helpful during this time. The charity groups provide a non-judgmental approach towards fighting the situation. The government funds their journey to recovery.


When it comes to gambling issues, the age-old saying of prevention is better than cure holds true. The above mentioned are the basic ways to treat the problem.