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How Businesses Are Rethinking Workplaces in a Post-Pandemic World


The COVID-19, or novel Coronavirus, has impacted the world on a massive scale. It has disrupted supply chains, closed ports, forced millions of people into lockdowns, and even threatened to drive developed nations into recessions. 

Now, over a year afterwards, we are still adjusting our daily lives as a result of the pandemic.

Businesses are rethinking workplaces in a post-pandemic world, and this article will share exactly how they’re going about it.

Working from Home

Many people are now working from home on a permanent or semi-permanent basis. We’ve seen the benefits of standing desks during this time.

A standing desk can reduce the number of hours you sit at your workstation at home, and keep your back, neck and shoulders from cramping up.

Standing is particularly important, as we probably walk around the house less than we would around the office.

With no water cooler chats, walks to the bathroom, walks around the block on breaks or other excuses to get up and move, a standing desk is a must-have for any home workspace.

Closing Offices

With some businesses seeing the majority of their workforces performing their roles remotely, some companies have decided to close their physical offices, thereby reducing their footprint in cities.

This is a boon for some businesses, who are now saving a lot of money on rent, rates, utilities and other expenses that come with brick and mortar premises. 

Some Firms Are Going Completely Remote

Some companies have gone completely remote, shutting all physical locations.

Not all companies can achieve this, especially e-commerce, retail and other businesses that require a physical footprint such as storefronts or warehouses.

However, tech companies that provide digital solutions to other companies or people, such as cloud-based accounting or other online services, can get away with a completely remote workforce with no physical locations at all. 

Team Building Online

Before the pandemic, team-building exercises were a great excuse to get away from the office.

Teams would head out for meals, off to activities like paintball, escape rooms, bowling, laser tag and other fun activities.

Because people are working remotely, team building is actually more important than ever.

Some people have started jobs in the last year and a half without ever meeting their teammates, managers or even the bigger bosses face to face.

Many companies have moved to online team building activities, to allow staff to get to know each other and boost morale.

Some companies are encouraging staff to attend activities like virtual escape rooms, online board games, online trivia nights, and other digital team building activities.

This means that people can bond, get a morale boost and have some fun on company time, which in turn boosts productivity.

Happy staff are productive staff and productive staff boost profits and outcomes for businesses.

Summing Up

In this useful article, we’ve explored how businesses are rethinking workplaces in the post-pandemic world.

More people are working from home, and need equipment such as standing desks to prevent back, neck and shoulder strain.

Other companies are closing offices, with no need for rent, utilities and other expenses with a remote workforce.

Some firms are staying completely online and remote, which is possible if they offer a purely digital product.

And finally, companies are encouraging staff to build morale and get to know each other through online team building activities. 

Who knows what remains to be seen, as the post-pandemic world evolves and continues to change?