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Grow Your Online Casino in 2021: Complete Guide


Looking to start up an online casino or to grow your online casino business? Look no more. Our full guide is tailored for growing your virtual business.

Take the right steps

You can be up and running with the right techniques in no time, whether you are just setting out into the iGaming industry or expanding your online casino.

What should you do?

1. Choose the best software developers

A worthy software developer deal is a full-service package:

  • pricing;
  • guarantees;
  • gaming reviews;
  • content;
  • security;
  • tech support;
  • certifications

When in charge of an online casino, you take care of many details all at once. Your software provider collaborations set the performance standard. A game provider can tick many of your to-do boxes if you pick a trustworthy deal suited to your budget and business needs.

Aside from everything mentioned above, the right deal provides excellent individual cooperating conditions. It will even help you acquire an appropriate licence. Game providers offer a lot more perks than just a rocking selection of games.

2. Invest in your gambling content  

This is your actual product. Games are why people look up an online casino and make players invest.

Games keep the industry and your business booming.

Top-notch gambling content includes classic games and the newest and hottest on the market, making the most popular titles accessible and visible to players as possible. Your site can’t miss any of the following:

  • Slots;
  • Blackjack;
  • Roulette;
  • Bingo;
  • Baccarat;
  • Poker

Live casino is another must-have feature, alongside live video-streaming options. Do not shy away from adding virtual sports and a sportsbook to cater to the more enthusiastic betters.

3. Get your licence straight

Want players to feel confident in providing their personal information and investing in your casino?

Your licence is your biggest asset.  

Consider the pricing, reputation of your licence, and the fact that acquiring one can take over a month.

Gambling legislation is slightly different in every country.

Still, territories that belong to the same regulated market abide by a series of predefined requirements.

Make sure you opt for a UK Gambling Commission approval, a Malta Gaming Association registration, or a Curacao licence. Other trusted gambling jurisdictions are Alderney, Isle of Man, and Gibraltar.

4. Ensure safe trading

The next primary security must-have are trustworthy payment services. The more flexible they are, the more attractive to players will your online casino be.

A respectable online casino is an international business dealing in international commercial transactions. It’s mandatory to offer an integrated selection of secure e-payment services and traditional credit cards and vouchers.

Nobody can underestimate the importance of high-calibre security services.

These include multicurrency support, antifraud, or advanced risk management.

5. A website designed for players

An attractive website is a treat for customers, and it raises your brand value.

It needs to be unique, smooth, and in tune with your market.

Your website is your business card and appearance, in this case, is as critical as performance.

  • Too many graphical elements will clutter the screen, tire the user, and overload your system;
  • Not enough elements and you run the risk of never standing out.

Pay attention to the front-end integration with the database and navigation usability!

A fantastic online casino displays a creative and intuitive layout. Players are not supposed to notice the transfer from the casino website to the platform or the provider game page.

Remember, details make the world go round!

6. Most efficient marketing strategies

When it comes to an online casino website, the most effective marketing approach is built around a strong affiliate network.

For the active development of an online website, it is essential to learn how affiliate websites work. These do not provide any games and do not perform payment transactions.

Still, they are advantageous for both gamblers and online casinos.  

For instance, on affiliate websites, players can find the best free gaming opportunities in 2021. This site boosts every user’s chance to win and select the right offers for their gameplay. It also increases traffic on the online casino platform and boosts the engagement of players.

For a genuinely professional marketing approach, online casinos integrate with affiliate management tools such as

  • NetRefer;
  • IncomeAccess;
  • EGASS;
  • Unisender

VIP schemes, promotional tournaments, cashback bonuses, and retention campaigns are also valuable marketing tools, as they are designed to make users return for a promised win.

And of course, always keep an eye on the competition!

7. What’s your business plan?

A reliable start-up begins with a solid plan, a clear map of your resource distribution, and a strategy including all the details already mentioned.

Even established online casinos keep fresh and flourishing by tweaking their business plan and adapting to the iGaming environment’s dynamics. The factors are:

  • Economic context;
  • Gaming trends;
  • Social and technological advances.

Focus your energy on significant industry trends.

Keep reading and find out what they are this year!

Online Casino Trends in 2021

Cryptocurrencies represent a major wave taking over the industry this year.

Like many operators, online casinos use:

  • Bitcoin;
  • Litecoin;
  • Ethereum;
  • Other new currencies.

These enable the operator and the player to remain anonymous and to conduct quick, intermediary-free transactions.

Gamification is practised by up-to-date online casinos.

It essentially entails introducing personalized elements such as video game features into technical, uncreative processes. For instance, online casinos use badges, points, leaderboards, or competition elements to make their websites interactive and engaging.

It’s all about user experience!

Closing thoughts

In short, to develop your online casino, whether from the ground up or already as a growing business, keep track of the industry and your competition, build a healthy affiliates system, and refine the techniques previously exposed.

Sure, mastery comes with experience, but nothing beats staying informed!