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Google Photos free storage ends on June 1 – here’s what you need to know

Google has announced it will no longer be offering unlimited free storage or backup of your photos on Google Photos beyond June 1, 2021. Here’s what you need to know.

After June 1 users will have to pay for a Google One subscription if they would like to store more “High Quality” images.

Any images will now be counted against your Google storage allowance.

And users who already have “High Quality” images within Google Photos for free don’t have to panic – those images will still be stored for free.

But any images uploaded after June 1 in “High Quality” and “Original Quality” will count will require paid storage.

Customers who choose “Original Quality” – the highest resolution – have always had to use their paid storage allowance.

There are some exceptions to the rule – for Google Pixel smartphone users.

These users will still be able to enjoy unlimited “High Quality” back-up to Google Photos without it counting against your storage allowance.

If you use any other Android smartphone, you’ll have to take note of the June 1 deadline for the end of free storage of “High Quality” photos on Google Photos.

There are some options for customers who have “Original Quality” images in Google Photos – they can downgrade these images to “High Quality” to reduce the space they are using and to keep them stored for free before June 1.

The options now for customers beyond June 1 who want to store and/or back up their images include staying with Google Photos and paying for the added storage, store their images elsewhere or store them locally on an external hard drive or network attached storage on your home network.