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How to get a Coke with your name on it simply by asking for it

Would you like a Coke with your name on it for free? You can get just that simply by asking for it with Amazon Alexa and have the personalised Coke delivered to their doorstep.

Coca Cola Australia has partnered with Amazon so customers with an Alexa-enabled device need to simply say “Alexa, let’s share a Coke”.

A text message will then be sent to their nominated mobile number with a link to the Share A Coke website.

Up to 2000 customers will be able to take advantage of the free offer. After that it will cost $7 per bottle plus $5 flat shipping rate. Customers who order four or more Cokes wt their names on them will receive free shipping.

“Voice-assisted lifestyles are becoming increasingly popular among consumers so, at Coca-Cola, we are super excited to work with Amazon and build on the success of one of our most iconic campaigns, Share A Coke,” says Lucie Austin, Marketing Director of Coca Cola South Pacific.

“This campaign enables customers to Share A Coke in a fun, new and innovative way via Alexa.”

This campaign is just another example of the many skills which can be developed for Amazon’s Alexa platform.

Kate Burleigh, Alexa Skills Country Manager ANZ, said: “Coca-Cola continues to innovate with their Share A Coke campaign and has now taken it to the next level by allowing customers to share a Coke using Alexa.

“We are always looking for new ways to delight our customers and I expect they will really love the opportunity to get a free personalized Coke with their name on it, just by asking Alexa.”

The Share A Coke promotion will run until February 4.

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