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Free cloud storage with Optus Smart Safe

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There’s been a lot of talk of the “cloud” lately and we’re not talking about the white fluffy variety that drifts across the sky.

The cloud being talked about in consumer tech circles refers to internet-based storage.

Optus this week launched its first consumer cloud service called Optus Smart Safe where users can store and access content online.   

Content from your mobile or computer can be backed up using the free service which is available to Optus mobile and broadband customers.

The free offer for Optus Smart Safe is for up to 500MB online storage but customers have the option adding even more online space for $5.99 a month for 10GB or $14.99 for a massive 300GB.

Storing your data in the cloud is helpful for a couple of reasons.

The first is it makes those files accessible from anywhere where you have an internet connection.

So rather than having to copy and save files to carry with you they can be accessed 24 hours a day from Optus Smart Safe.

Secondly the service can also provide a handy way to protect and back up your data.

With the data stored away from your computer it means it can still be easily accessible should you suffer an unrecoverable hardware failure or accidentally delete files.

Users can view and download their stored files from their smartphone or computer.

If using a smartphone, customers need to download the Optus Smart Safe client and load it on their device so content from their mobile device can also be backed up and stored in the cloud.

Computer users can also install the PC client which can even set up automatic back-ups.

Cloud-stored data an also be accessed through Optus’s My Zoo web portable to view, download and even share their content with friends and contacts.

Optus has partnered with F-Secure to set up the service to ensure security and safety for all customers.

“The smartphone is fast becoming the go-to device for customers in terms of accessing, capturing and playing back media and storing important information,” says Austin R. Bryan, director, Optus digital media said.

“This product enables our customers to safely back up that content, access it on their PC, and share it online.

“Utilising the cloud to create innovative and compelling offerings for our customers is something we’ve been working towards for some time.

“We’re very happy to be bringing Optus Smart Safe to our customers – which is the first of many new exciting consumer offerings we’ll be launching in the digital space in the coming months.”

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