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Facebook users up in arms over site changes

facebook-iconFACEbook anger

Many of Facebook’s 750 million users are howling in protest over the changes made to the social networking site in the last few days.

There were even more changes and updates announced overnight including a new Timeline feature to allow users to tell their life story on their profile page.

The news feed was also radically altered with larger pictures and a new “ticker” that runs down the right side of the page to view your friend’s activities at a glance.

Timeline lets Facebook users set up their profile and arrange it with photos and stories of their choice rather than just the most recent posts.

Those more interesting updates, under the older version of Facebook, usually dropped off your profile page over time.


Now, if you’re reconnecting with someone they can check out your profile and see the stories and pictures you’ve prioritised rather than just your latest posts.

Timeline gives users the ability to access a private activity log which gives them access to everything you’ve shared since joining Facebook.

From here the user can draw the material they want to place on their profile page.

The new Facebook timeline for your profile

But these changes weren’t met well by the Facebook community. A blog posted on Facebook was filled with negative comments.

“Bring back the old Facebook,” one user said.

“This sounds like it’s tailor made for stalking,” another member wrote.

“Please don’t – no more changes”.

But one user had the opposite view – “Everything changes – get over it.”

Earlier this week the news feed was given an overhaul with larger photos and stories prioritised by how popular they are.

Facebook’s reasoning behind this move was to give users access to the most commented and liked updates whether they were visiting the site once a day or once a month.

Another change was the “ticker” – a Twitter-like feed down the right side of the page that provides a snapshot of your friends updates and activities as they happen.