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Facebook streamlines content privacy controls

facebook-iconprivacy changes

Facebook has made to changes to the privacy and security settings to make it easier to decide exactly who you are sharing your posts and content with.

The changes comes as a result of user feedback that the settings about who gets to see their activity on the site needed to be clearer.

As a result Facebook has added controls right next to the photos and posts they’re sharing with drop down menus and more accessible settings.  

Here’s a rundown of the changes:


The details of your profile weren’t accessible on your profile page but now that’s about to change.

Now users will be able to change parts of your profile with a single click.

The new proximity of these controls – right next to the details of your profile – make it even easier to stay on top of it.

New settings next to the content offer greater control

Another change has been made to tagging people in photos. Now you can approve whether you are tagged in pictures on other people’s profiles.

Same thing goes if anyone decides to tag you in a post. Now you have the option to review the tag before deciding if you approve or reject it.


If you are sharing status updates, photos and profile info there is now an inline audience selector so you can decide exactly who’s going to see it.

And like the profile changes the controls for all the sharing options will be at your fingertips right next to the post.

It's now possible to authorise if you are tagged in photos on Facebook

It will also be possible to tell people where you are or opt to keep that information to yourself.

Before users had to decide who will see your posts or pictures before hitting the share button. If you changed your mind later – the bird had already flown.

With the latest changes users have the option of changing the limit of people who could see it after the fact.

These changes will be rolled out across Facebook in the coming days.