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Facebook makes changes to the site’s privacy settings


facebook-small-logoFacebook has made changes to the privacy settings of the site to make it easier for social network newcomers to share their content with just their friends.

Now privacy settings are set to “Friends” instead of the previous default position of “Public”.

This meant that before these settings took effect, users had to go in to the settings and change it back to “Friends”.

This was a task not every Facebook user completed and they were unknowingly sharing their pictures and status updates publicly.

Facebook users can easily choose from their status window who will see their post

“While some people want to post to everyone, others have told us that they are more comfortable sharing with a smaller group, like just their friends,” Facebook wrote in a post.

“We recognize that it is much worse for someone to accidentally share with everyone when they actually meant to share just with friends, compared with the reverse.

“So, going forward, when new people join Facebook, the default audience of their first post will be set to Friends. Previously, for most people, it was set to Public.”

Facebook will now have a pop-up when you are about to post something publicily to make sure you are reaching your desired audience

Everyday users can see a dropdown menu whenever they update their status that allows them to choose on the spot whether the post will be seen by Friends or Public.

Facebook will also be rolling out a Privacy Checkup tool that can step users through a review process to check on the people they are posting to and the apps they are using as well as the privacy of their personal information.

There will also be a public posting reminder that will pop up in Facebook when users are about to post something in Public instead of just to Friends.

Facebook users can now log in to other apps anonymously to protect your private information

This will give the user a reminder to ensure they are posting to the audience they want.

There is also a simplified audience selector on smartphone apps that will now appear at the top of the screen.

Anonymous Login is another new feature that makes it possible to use your Facebook account to log in to other apps without sharing personal information.

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