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Facebook bug spreads profane messages

facebook-iconfacebook virus

Facebook users around the world have been hit with a virus that posted foul-mouthed messages on their newsfeeds.

The bug is actually a script that accesses your account and posts the profane message for all of your friends to see.

“F*ck you, go kill yourself,” was just part of the message users saw before being directed to a link to disable the post which actually infected that user as well.  

Facebook has since disabled the virus but not before apologetic messages were posted by users to their friends who saw the offensive post.

“The bug caused a small number of spam comments to be posted to users’ walls and we are in the process of cleaning up any spam it may have caused,” Facebook said in a statement.

Earlier there were posts appearing on newsfeeds asking users to verify their account to prevent spam.

Unfortunately for those who clicked through, it achieved the exact opposite and created the gateway for spammers to target users and their friends.

There was a similar problem in the days following the death of Osama Bin Laden with posts appearing claiming to have pictures of his body.

Those who clicked on the link to see what turned out to be fake pictures added the link to their own feeds. In some cases users were asked to fill out a survey that would put money in the spammers’ pockets.

Internet security company Sophos offers some advice on preventing a repeat if these incidents in the future.

It said users can safely assume any message asking to verify accounts through a link is false.

Posts that ask you to like or share but don’t deliver what they promise are bait and switch tricks to direct users to special offers or competitions.

Members should remove the posts that appear as a result so as not to spread the threat to other users.