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Employee-owned devices on corporate networks expose security risks


corporatedevicethumbThe trend for employees to use their own devices on corporate networks will increase sharply in the next two years but at the same time expose security loopholes, according to Juniper Research.

Juniper Research’s report says the number of employees using their own smartphone or tablet on an enterprise network will more than double by 2014 and reach 350m by 2017.

This Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend represents 23 per cent of the total installed base of consumer-owned tablets and smartphones.

Employees are growing accustomed to using their own iPhones, iPads and Android-powered devices to make it easier to do their jobs and also access corporate materials and assets.

But Juniper Research says that while BYOD brings productivity benefits, it also has the potential to pose a security threat.

The report found that the majority of employee devices did not have any security software installed which left company materials exposed.

“While BYOD has become an inevitable trend for the enterprise, businesses need to create new end-user IT policies and address the key security issues emerging,” says Juniper Research report author Nitin Bhas.

“New device management policies and security measures need to be put in place.”

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