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You Can Earn extra income with these side hustles in Australia

Australians know how to work hard and enjoy themselves at the same time. However, at times you would want to engage a bit harder. It is here where side hustles prove to be the ideal method to earn extra money while doing what you enjoy. There is a side job for everyone, whether you are a foodie or a gym enthusiast. 

Contrary to many people’s beliefs, starting a side business is never a bad idea. It is a project worth undertaking if you have ever had the urge to leave your 9-to-5 job and attempt something new. You could start a business company and quickly earn extra money each month with perseverance and ingenuity.

What Are Side Hustles?

A side hustle is anything you do besides your regular job, typically to earn extra money. If you have ever wished for a second source of income, the solution is to start a side business. You can find and undertake work on the side that is profitable and adds value to your life. According to MyBudget, the possibilities for side hustles are endless, ranging from selling items on eBay to doing freelance writing.

Even routine tasks like cleaning can be profitable if done properly and passionately. Whether you are a stay-at-home mother looking to improve your family’s financial situation or a college student needing money for tuition, side hustles can generate additional income. This article shall discuss how you can earn with these side hustles in Australia.

Drop Shipping

One of the most popular side gigs available in Australia is drop shipping. Depending on what you can sell, it may not require you to get out of bed in the morning! It is simple to start, doesn’t require a significant capital investment, and is straightforward. However, you need to put a lot of effort and learn plenty about marketing and e-commerce to succeed. Drop shipping is a great side business that rewards effort and helps you achieve financial freedom if you are ready to do the necessary work.


Want to generate some supplementary income? Why not work as a freelance writer? Nowadays, there is a market for all kinds of written content on the internet, from writing in-depth articles to writing website copy and blog entries about any subject you can think of.

Make sure to pick a highly-appealing niche if you want to become a freelance writer. Another advantage of working from home is avoiding the rigorous rush-hour traffic to get to the workplace. The days of literally sending manuscripts back and forth are a thing of the past thanks to technological advancements; everything is now digital. This side hustle is a good choice because you get to enjoy freedom and flexibility.

Virtual Assistant

Becoming a virtual assistant is ideal for people who like to stay active. It enables you to operate from home, eliminating the need for additional long commutes. You can converse with fascinating customers and indulge your passion for solving problems.

Being a virtual assistant enables you to test out various roles and expand your skill set at a convenient pace. These roles can include providing basic administrative assistance and managing entire projects. No one will yell at you even when you miss deadlines, especially if you procrastinate. It may not be a flashy or highly-paying side hustle, but it is ideal for someone who wants flexible hours.

Personal Trainer

Being a personal fitness instructor is a wonderful way to increase your income. It also gives you the flexibility to provide services as you get fit. If you’re an active person with a knack for inspiring others, this is your ideal side hustle. You can exercise your muscles and earn while assisting others to achieve their fitness objectives. Working with various people will probably teach you something new. Consider working as a personal trainer in Australia if you plan on boosting your income without investing much time.

Online Teaching

You could assist young students to boost their grades while also earning money online if you hold a degree in a specialized field or are just proficient in academic topics like science or mathematics. One of the best side hustles to perform in Australia is online tutoring because it allows you to work from home while assisting students with their future academic success.

Earnings will depend on how many hours of tutoring you can provide to various students throughout the week. This side hustle may require plenty of specialized knowledge, but it might be just the side gig you need if you love sharing what you know with others.


You can earn extra income with these side hustles in Australia and many more, especially those involving business, content creation, freelancing, technology, e-commerce, and teaching. Flexibility, variety, and the opportunity to learn new skills all come with side jobs. Once you decide to jump into one that picks your interest, you will realize that the fulfillment that comes with working in any of these fields is something many people value.