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Cyber criminals “poison” Hunger Games search links


hungergamesThe Hunger Games film is a big success at the box office but it’s also turning out to be a smash for cyber criminals who are targeting fans searching for information on the blockbuster.

Internet security company Norton has discovered a number of searches related to the film are directing unsuspecting fans to poisoned websites.

These links can infect a visitor’s unprotected computer with viruses, key logging programs to see exactly what you’re typing and other malware.

These links also have potential to infect smartphones and tablets computers as well.

The Hunger Games film, based on Suzanne Collins best-selling book series, is attracting huge attention around the world – the sort of attention which cyber criminals find irresistible.

They try to take advantage of this high interest and hunger for any information about the film ahead of its release to trap as many victims as possible.

The Hunger Games film, based on Suzanne Collins' best selling novel, is being used by cyber criminals to lure users to poisoned websites

These “poisoned” links are usually difficult to detect unless the user is fully protected with internet security software.

Shrewd cyber criminals have used common searches like “Hunger Games Suzanne Collins” , “Hunger Games Free Movie Download” , “Hunger Games Full Movie Torrent” to lure users to their compromised links.

The best way to avoid falling victim of one of these poisoned links is to ensure your computer has internet security software and that it is up to date to the latest version.

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