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Create a high speed hotspot with Telstra’s Elite Wi-Fi

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If you want to connect to the internet on the go and can’t find a wi-fi hotspot, there are products which can help create your own anywhere.

Telstra has released one such device – the Elite Mobile Wi-FI – which can connect multiple devices to the internet via Telstra’s high speed cellular network.

The device is about the size of a small mobile phone and offers download speeds up to 8 megabits per second and uploads up to 3Mbps.   

It creates a local wireless connection for up to five wi-fi ready products like smartphones, tablets, game consoles and laptops and then acts like a modem to connect these devices to the internet.

The Elite Mobile Wi-Fi can be purchased for $129 from next week and it comes with 5GB of data included for use within Australia for up to 90 days.

Users can then purchase pre-paid mobile date recharges so there’s no contracts or minimum monthly spends.

Connect up to five devices with Telstra's Elite Wi-FiThe front of Telstra’s Elite Mobile Wi-Fi has a small OLED screen that can display signal strength, the number of devices connected and the rechargeable battery level.

It comes with a USB cable so it can be recharged when connected to a laptop or with an AC charger. When fully charged the Elite Mobile Wi-Fi will run for about four hours before requiring another charge.

“Australians increasingly use multiple mobile devices to stay informed, entertained and to work on the go,” says Warwick Bray, executive director Telstra mobility products.

“More than 4 million Australians now use mobile broadband to connect when commuting, to access Facebook at university, and to work flexibly out of the office.

“Our customers tell us they love the speed and reliability of Next G mobile broadband but they’ve said they’d like an easier way to share it with a greater range of wi-fi enabled devices including smartphones, tablets, cameras, laptops and portable games consoles.

“With the press of a button this mobile hotspot can connect to the internet at speeds up to twice as fast as competitor 3G products in capitals and many regional areas.”

 The Telstra Elite Wi-Fi is priced at $129 and is available from April 12.