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CommBank introduces iPad and tablet friendly apps

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Commonwealth Bank has launched new mobile banking apps to cater for the growing number of users accessing their accounts from the iPad and tablet devices.

In less than 12 months there has been a 347 per cent increase in access to the CommBank website on a smartphone or tablet device.

The Commonwealth Bank app is the most downloaded banking app while the bank’s website is the fifth most visited site of any kind in Australia.  

The apps are available for iPhone and Android smartphones as well as iPad and Android tablets. There is also a version of the CommBank app for Windows Phone 7.

Users can make quick transfers and bill payments in as little as three taps on the device’s touchscreen.

The new CommBank app showing the latest currency exchange ratesApart from transactions in real time, the new app allows users to access foreign exchange to check the latest currency rates. Another handy addition is the currency exchange rate calculator that is now built into the app.

Users can even set alerts to buy and sell currency at their desired price.

Even those who are travelling will also find the CommBank app a handy and secure way to top up their Travelcard.

When customers log on to the app it will automatically advise where the nearest branch and ATM to your current location rather than having to seek it out manually as was the case with the previous version.

The app is a hybrid which means there are certain functions and transactions which can only be performed on the web.

So rather than close down, the app connects users to a mobile browser within the app to save time and added convenience.

There is also a social aspect to the new CommBank app with links to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to find out the latest news or communicate with the bank directly.

Part of the Commonwealth Bank mobile banking road map will be NFC (near field communication) transactions where the mobile becomes an extension of your wallet and allows customers to quickly and easily pay for goods and services on the go.

The new CommBank app for the iPad