Modern technology gives us many things.

How Tech Helped Canvas Prints Become a Worldwide Hit

If you’ve ever tried ordering photo canvas prints online, you can probably attest to all of the following being true: it’s super easy; there are plenty of creative design options to choose from; and they come at bargain prices.

The fact that canvas prints offer unparalleled convenience and versatility, and at such remarkably low prices, hasn’t come about by lucky chance. It’s the result of years of investment in cutting-edge technology. From ordering to printing to delivery, it’s technology that’s put ease and speed at the heart of the customer experience.

From Printing Press to Digital Image Processing 

If you compare a classic printing press to today’s state-of-the-art print machinery, it’s hard not to feel a sense of awe.

The new-generation printers, in their speed, precision, operational capacity, and level of automation, are nothing short of a technological marvel. Not only are these machines capable of delivering thousands of printed photos a day, they can also achieve astonishingly crisp definition and intense colours.

You can now upload one of those tiny thumbnails from your image library and it will be turned into a canvas wall art feature worthy of a gallery.

Redefining Budget Pricing

Because modern printing facilities can produce prints so remarkably fast, they’ve contributed to a significant global drop in canvas print prices worldwide.

MYPICTURE Australia is a prime example of this. The online custom-printing service puts affordability at the heart of their offer, with an entry price of just $12 for custom canvas prints (this price will get you a 20 x 20cm canvas) – prices that would have been unthinkable not that far in the past.

As the printing machines can produce more products per day, this exerts downward pressure on production price per unit. This efficiency then enables the company to offer its customers more attractive pricing – which in turn generally leads to higher sales, which itself continues the virtuous circle. It’s economies of scale in practice.

Now You Can Order Photo Prints Stuck in Traffic

One of the reasons why photo canvas prints and other personalised prints have enjoyed such immense global popularity is their accessibility. And this goes well beyond the wallet-friendly price tags.

Thanks to online providers investing in user experience, it’s now possible to design an entire wall art gallery whilst waiting for a takeaway food order. You can create, edit and order a whole wedding photo album while you’re stuck in a traffic jam. Phone, tablet or laptop – ordering your prints online today is equally fast and convenient across all devices.

The product customisation and ordering process has been gradually improved since the first sellers started venturing online – so today’s buyers get the benefit of more than two decades of user interface tweaks.

At MYPICTURE, for example, there’s an automatic system in place to make sure smaller photos don’t get printed on outsized prints. The webshop will offer the user only the size formats which are suited to the pixel count of their photo. This avoids the image being blown up too large and leading to a blurry result.

There can be no doubt that technological progress has opened up new avenues for mass personalization and for the custom print industry as a whole. And the biggest beneficiaries have been us, the customers. Not only can we now take superb photos using our phones, we can also upload them immediately to an online shop and order them as physical copies – choosing from a huge range of custom prints. And all for just a fraction of what it cost in the past. How amazing is that?