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Bing launches Visual Search in Australia


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Microsoft’s Google rival Bing has launched Visual Search in Australia.

It offers a new interface to help users search using images instead of just pages and pages of text links.

Microsoft says this type of search will help users make faster and more informed decisions.

Bing’s Visual Search doesn’t just serve up page after page of images plucked out of various websites – it also clusters other relevant images and information from trusted content partners.

From launch some of the galleries will include celebrities, popular recipes, cocktails. restaurants, dog breeds and travel destinations.

A quick look myself revealed some other interesting galleries including celebrity mug shots and stars without makeup.

The Bing Visual Search screen

Bing’s Visual Search was developed after Microsoft’s research revealed people found what they were looking for 20 per cent faster using visual information rather than just text links.

Microsoft then applied these findings to create categories so images would be a large component – people, animals and travel destinations.

“Bing Australia is absolutely committed to providing a localised, more organised and visually appealing search experience for Australian consumers.” said Alex Parsons, Director of Marketing and MSN Products.

“We are constantly looking at delivering innovative features to help reduce the number of clicks consumers need to make to find what they are looking for, and have a visually delightful experience doing so.

“Visual Search is the latest unique feature we have added to Bing in Australia to improve the search experience by providing relevant results in a way that is both efficient but also a more graphic way for consumers to enjoy and ‘visualise’ their search experience.”