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Australians demand more customer service when shopping online


onlineshoppingthumbAustralians have really embraced online shopping but 87 per cent admitted they needed some form of help to make their purchase a new survey has revealed.

LivePerson, a real time cloud-based platform that can connect with customers, has identified Australians expected more personalised assistance when they were on a shopping site.

“Over a third (36 per cent) of Australian shoppers abandon a website because they have difficulty in getting any help online – the highest of all countries surveyed in our global study – which indicates a huge opportunity for local brands to improve the online customer experience,” said Dustin Dean, VP of APAC, LivePerson.

“Our research shows that consumers today are demanding a much higher level of engagement throughout their online buying journey.”

LivePerson’s study showed customer expected a consistent level of service in-store and online.

In-store 74 per cent of shoppers said they were satisfied with the customer service they were receiving while only 64 per cent were satisfied online.

Before shopping in-store 74 per cent of Australians did some form on online research with 23 per cent actually researching on their mobile while in the store.

But when a customer has difficulty or needs help online they are likely to leave the site.

The main reasons are unexpected costs (69 per cent), lack of information (59 per cent), navigation difficulties (52 per cent), wanting to ask a question and not finding the answer (44 per cent) and difficulty getting help (36 per cent).

The study found Australians see speed and simplicity as key to a positive online experience with 79 per cent prioritizing getting their issues resolved quickly and 55 per cent want that issue resolved in a single interaction.

And 62 per cent expect help within five minutes while 54 per cent would give up immediately on try only once to seek help.

“More so than ever, today’s consumers demand instant gratification, and a speedy resolution of issues is becoming a key differentiator for good customer service among Australian consumers,” said Dean.

“For brands, this can be seen be as a main driver for increasing the likelihood of purchase, return visits and enhanced levels of customer trust.”

LivePerson can connect with customers in real time via chat, voice and content delivery on websites, social media and mobile devices.

The company can offer “intelligent engagement” to understand a business’s objectives and a customer’s need.

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