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Australians are prepared to take a “hybrid holiday” this summer

The NBN has discovered an emerging trend among Australian workers – hybrid holiday – where employees would consider combining time spent away with their family or friends while still staying on top of their work.

According to the NBN Flexible Lifestyle Survey 2021, based on research conducted by YouGov and commissioned by the NBN, 75 per cent of respondents who can work remotely said they would consider staying up to date with their work while on holidays.

NBN has coined the phrase “hybrid holiday” after the current trend of hybrid employment where workers are able to combine working in the office some days while working from home on the other days.

In terms of timing, 35 per cent would like to take a hybrid holiday during a non-school holiday period.

While 30 per cent would prefer a hybrid holiday right after Christmas to extend their holiday.

As of September 2021, there are more than 8.3 million Australian homes and businesses linked to the NBN network with 77 per cent of customers on download speed plans of 50Mbps or higher.

Those workers interested in a hybrid holiday still wanted the finer things in life with 90 per cent saying they preferred the modern amenities like connected devices and streaming services.

And almost half (49 per cent) said they’d require faster reliable broadband to make remote working even easier.

A hybrid holiday is a win-win for many Australians who are keen to get away again but, in many cases, are looking to also keep on top of their work,” says NBN consumer expert Jane NcNamara.

“With the rollout of the NBN network now complete, the benefits of fast and reliable broadband mean that we can connect remotely to the office from almost anywhere in Australia.

“This trend is also great news for our regions and tourism operators, opening possibilities to explore as many of Australia’s beautiful regional areas as well as, where possible, and our towns and cities.

“As more Australians embrace hybrid holidays and a more flexible lifestyle, the role of the NBN network in supporting these evolving ways of working and living becomes even more clear.

“We’re proud to be helping unlock these benefits as the nation’s habits and priorities change.