Modern technology gives us many things.

Apps You Probably Missed in 2021


There are thousands of apps available on the different app stores that you could easily miss out on. This article will inform you of the apps you probably missed in 2021. Read on to find out more.


There are plenty of apps that offer users sunrise and sunset times. However, what sets Solstice apart is how elegantly it does it. You simply select a location, and the app shows you a graph displaying the sun’s position. 

It also shows how the amount of daylight has changed since the previous day. It also comes with a notification that you can set to run during months where daylight is increasing, making the app an essential tool for people suffering from seasonal affective disorder.  

Backit APP

There are many gaming apps you have encountered in 2021. This includes online casino apps offering no deposit bonus to attract more users. However, this game app is not your usual gaming app. 

Backit App scans your plastic bricks and then suggests what you can build with them. But, manage your expectations as the app will not spot all the bricks. Moreover, the builds are basic. Fortunately, you will delight in several surprises with the app proving you can use a little to create a lot.    

Otter – Diet Diary

Food trackers usually seem preoccupied with caloric intake and weight. Otter allows users to log on a daily basis, and it is also interested in having them think more positively about what they eat. 

You will achieve this through a photo diary that allows you to scrutinize their meals visually. This makes it easy for you to spot patterns. The app also adds additional thoughts in terms of notes and meal ratings.

Animoog Z

The initial Animoog app was an amazing, tactile synth that blended Moog’s rich history with a thoroughly fresh interface. When you pay the one-off IAP, this app’s follow-up allows you to fiddle dials and adds effects to form ear-smashing sounds across three axes. Moreover, even with the limited free version, you can access several free presets.

Time Zone Pro

The current world has become more interconnected. As a result, many people have friends and colleagues globally. It can be challenging to keep track of your friend’s time zones. Such a scenario requires the Time Zone Pro app. 

Simply add contacts and state their locations upon which each gets a clock. When you scrub a dial at the top of the app’s display, all the clocks are updated in sync. This allows you to schedule virtual meetings.


Obsidian is a Markdown cabinet at its core. The app uses plain text documents and a smattering of mark-ups to format them. The app reasons thoughts are interlinked, encouraging users to connect documents as though they were a personal wiki. 

It can display the connections in a graph view which you can place next to the standard text mode on your iPad. Additionally, you can use feature-rich plug-ins which help bolster the app’s scope.

The Geography

The Geography is a meditative relaxation aid that marries generative audio and the mountains of Norway. When you run the app without human interference, it plays a sweeping encompassing soundtrack while an abstract environment fades and flows. 

Suppose you feel like intervening; simply tap to adjust your view and the color scheme. Alternatively, you can bring up a five-note instrument allowing you to add your input to the frail composition.      

Atlas Obscura

Travel guides usually point their users to the same places, the most famous ones for that matter. However, if you are looking for unique destinations, Atlas Obscura is your go-to app. It contains over 22000 locations displayed in lush photography that instantly tempts you to visit

You can flag those that catch your eye as favorites. Moreover, if you find a place you think other users might want to visit, you can submit your entry to the app.

Heck Deck

Heck Deck is based on an enormously fresh mash-up concept. It is a bullet hell card game that loosely looks like a classic arcade shoot-em-up. However, the unfolding chaos moves forward in time each time you move your little ghost. 

Moreover, your enemies’ bullets and the destructive weapons you arm yourself with all come in the form of playing cards. You must deal with them at the right moment. The game is tough, strategic, and unbelievably cute.

Locket Widget

This app does a captivating job with iOS 15’s home screen Photos widget. Instead of showing your photos in a small preview rectangle, it displays pictures shared by five of your closest friends and family members. 

The app essentially offers a little glimpse of what your loved ones are up to as you go about your daily chores. When you get a new Locket picture, tap the widget and take a pic to return the favor.

Final Thoughts

So, did you discover an amazing app that you missed in 2021? It is not too late; grab your most preferred app and enjoy its benefits.