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8 Best Online Vocal Removers


Do you want to enjoy a karaoke party or just add a vocal-free backtrack to your video on social media? Or maybe you want to learn to play a musical instrument with a vocal singing in the background. Whatever the reason, you need to extract vocals from a song.  

Even if vocal extraction might seem easy, it’s time-consuming and a daunting task. Not to mention the output quality might be not as good as you expect it to be. 

This is why we listed the most reliable online vocal extracting services so that you can be sure the quality of the isolated stem will meet your quality standards. 


If you need a professional source separating service and yet easy to use for accurate vocal isolation, look no further than LALAL.AI. 

This next-generation music separation service offers high-quality audio splitting powered by the world’s first AI-powered technology. 

All you need to do is to upload a file on the website, choose the stem separation option and one of the three available processing levels: Mild, Normal, and Aggressive.

Apart from vocals, you can also isolate backtracks and instrument stems, such as drums, piano, bass, acoustic and electric guitars with LALAL.AI.  

Other key features you may find useful: 

  • Unique artificial intelligence technology based on 20TB of training data
  • User-friendly website and functionality
  • Precise and high-quality vocal isolation
  • No-quality loss extraction of backtracks and instrument stems 
  • Seven stems separation 
  • Ten minutes of free splitting


PhonicMind is yet another online voice remover. Like LALAL.AI, it extracts drums, bass, and vocals from audio. The only drawback is that you can’t use the tool for free. 

Once you upload a track to PhonicMind, it gives you a free sample you can listen to and save on your PC. If you want to get the whole track with isolated stems, you have to select a price plan first.

Vocalremover is an online vocal removing tool based on AI technology that isolates vocals from a song completely free of charge. 

It works quite straightforward: you upload a track on the website and wait till the AI algorithm processes the file. Then you can download two tracks: a karaoke version with no vocal in it and an acapella track without backtracks. 

Besides vocal remover, the supported tools are pitch and tempo changer, audio cutter, audio joiner, voice recorder, karaoke recorder, audio converter, BPM finder, key finder and microphone test. 

Edit Your Audio 

Edit Your Audio is an online vocal isolating tool with limited free functionality. With this tool, you can extract vocals from songs, make karaoke, separate instrumental backtracks and generate acapella. 

It allows you to upload up to three songs and one YouTube video a day to test the splitting. If you want to have queue priority, you’ll need to pay 10 euros per month. 

Vocals Remover 

As the tool’s name implies, it allows you to remove vocal parts from songs with three simple steps: 1) upload a song to the website, 2) wait till the service processes the track, 3) download results on your PC. 

Unlike the tools we mentioned above, Vocals Remover supports only MP3 and WAV files. 


Audioalter is an online audio toolkit with various tools to choose from that allow you to remove vocals, boost the bass of a song, adjust the frequency of audio, reduce background noise from recordings, change the pitch of your audio, reverse an audio file and more! 

You’ll be surprised to know that the toolkit also lets you enhance the stereo sound by adding a 3D effect, make the audio alternate from left to right, change the tempo of your audio, cut out parts from an audio file, detect BPM of any song, detect the key that a song is performed in, and a lot more. A proper creator toolkit! 

Audioalter has many presets to edit an audio file, such as 8D audio, church hall reverb, cathedral reverb, various bass boosts and more. 

Al Vocal Remover

AI Vocal Remover extracts vocals from songs and removes instrumentals for karaoke free of charge. With embedded AI technology, it can separate instrumentals to make karaoke or acapella and remove vocals from MP3 and WAV songs. 

It takes about 15 seconds for processing and finishing up the process. AI Vocal Remover also has a mobile app for Android. 

Online Vocal Remover

Online Vocal Remover is a more effortless and hassle-free online version of a desktop tool called Vocal Remover Pro. As the developers claim, “Vocal Remover Pro has superior sound quality”, but the online version is a lot easier to use and does not require installing any apps on your computer. 

Besides, the online tool is completely free of charge. 

With Online Vocal Remover, you can quickly create karaoke from any YouTube video uploading a video on the website or copying/pasting the video URL.