Modern technology gives us many things.

7 types of apps you need to know about


Apps are useful for so many reasons. They’re fast, user-friendly, and in many cases extremely useful in everyday life. You probably have quite a few apps on your smartphones, but more and more are still getting developed and current ones you might not know about. It happens to be that many apps you never thought you needed until you had them. If you want to know more, keep reading.

 Some people prefer playing online casino NZ, streaming tv, or looking at social media on their laptops. But laptops are just not always that convenient when you’re on the go, which many people are when living very busy lives. That often means people are traveling around just with their phones or tablets. But both phones and tablets are great in terms of apps. Here’s a list for you of the types of apps that come in handy.

 Lifestyle apps

This category of apps includes sports and fitness apps, which are super useful if you want to keep a track of your process. Some fitness apps are great for running and tracking distance as well as calories while using them. In this category, you’ll also find dietary apps, where you can track your food, get great recipes, and much more. Other lifestyle apps include meditation apps, mood apps, and many others. For women, it’s even possible to get cycle trackers.

Social Media apps

Social media apps cover some of the popular ones, you might already have. Facebook and Instagram of course, but also Snapchat, WhatsApp, and TikTok fall under this category.

Utility apps

Many of these apps some people use a lot, probably without thinking too much about it. Apps like these are like tools in many cases. Weather apps, editing apps, calendars, and translator apps are all under this category.

Entertainment apps

Perhaps the best thing ever. Entertainment has never been easier to have than it is today. Using a phone or a tablet to stream tv or movies might not be as nice as using your laptop, but streaming apps on these devices are so handy on the go. Nowadays you can get several different streaming apps for tv and movies, but streaming apps for music and books are also a thing. If you’re tired of always carrying those books with you, try out these brilliant streaming apps for ebooks. Other entertainment apps include various gaming apps.

Travel apps

These days where you had to fold out a huge map when trying to get around at your travel destination, are certainly over. Apps with maps make it super easy to get from A to B and it’s also possible offline with some of them. Other travel apps include flight finders, accommodation apps, road trip apps, information apps, and much more. It could also be a tour app and many others.

 Investment apps

One of the hottest and widely spoken topics right now is of course investments. Cryptocurrencies and stocks have caught more people’s interest, especially the younger generation. If you’re thinking about doing some investments or trading, there are many great platforms available as apps.

Which apps might be relevant for you?

If you’re keen to know more about the names of some of the great apps available, it’s a really good idea to do some research before you get one. Online there are so many great tests and comparison sites, so you can read about the pros and cons. Some apps do cost money and you will need to subscribe either for the full edition or the better edition. Some apps are free though, so you might also be able to find suitable ones you like, without them costing you anything.


There are many great apps out there, and many that could be a lot better. If an app does cost money but has great reviews, there is a good reason for it. Many of them only charge a smaller fee for subscribing and it is of course because they also need to make something. Many people struggle with being anxious or restless, having a hard time sleeping, or wanting to lose weight. Well, a lot of these apps work great for some people, so it might be worth it to do some app research if you too have some issues where you think it might help. Every year, new and updated reviews and comparisons are made of different apps, so check out the latest of these on various websites.