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5 Free Project Management Software for Freelancers


A management system makes work simpler. As a freelancer, you have a lot on your plate, and you wear so many hats simultaneously.

In that case, a free project management software streamlines all your projects, makes client communication better and collaborates with fellow freelancers easily. 

All in one place. Isn’t it cool?

Here are five free project management software that works best for your freelancing business. 

  • ZenTao

ZenTao is an open-source and free project management software that is perfectly suitable for freelancers. 

It is based on agile methodology where each process is inter dependable, and you can analyze and relearn from your mistakes effectively.

It is the best tool for planning creative projects for your freelancing business.

The key features of ZenTao are

  1. An intuitive task management tool to create subtasks and sprints.
  2. Milestones to determine your checkpoints in the project.
  3. Real-time analytics to maximize the iterative approach.
  4. Guess access for your clients to understand the project status.
  5. Basic features are free forever.
  • airSlate

Do you have any idea about coding? Then automated free project management like airSlate is a great fit for you. 

You don’t have to write a single line of code in this software as it has no-code robotic process automation within its system.

Its cloud solution is end-end encrypted, safeguarding all your data in the cloud. 

The key features of AirSlate are

  1. Web forms and e-signature workflows to pitch to the clients.
  2. Advanced analytic tools that draw insights into your projects’ progress.
  3. Multi-cloud option to access all your cloud applications simultaneously.
  4. Configuration and automation cost is cut down to ten times.
  5. airSlateBots transfer accurate, compliant and auditable data.
  • Ayoa

Ayoa combines task management, mind mapping and collaboration tools to turn all your ideas into reality. 

This free project management software has numerous task board styles like Canvas View, Kanban Workflow and Gantt Timeline. 

Interestingly, it has a built-in planner to schedule your personal and professional tasks and manage the project resources.

The key features of Ayoa are

  1. A central workplace to upload files, set reminders, and collaborate with fellow creators.
  2. Dynamic mind map templates to turn your creative dreams into reality.
  3. Tagging feature to tag your colleagues and clients on specific tasks.
  4. Help guides, tutorials on using the software effectively.
  5. Checklists and notes to jot down your ideas.
  • Ganttic

Ganttic stands as the other name for “flexibility.” This ten-year-old project management software lets you own control of the planning process.

It provides detailed features like tasks, people involved, resources and time into your current and upcoming projects.

Besides, it offers services to unlimited users and for unlimited projects simultaneously. 

The key features of Ganttic are

  1. Portfolio budgeting and Forecasting to track your project’s expenses.
  2. Time tracking to make you accountable for the work.
  3. Detailed graphs to understand the current scenario.
  4. Analyze your gaps and build plans accordingly.
  5. !0 resources are FREE for all users.
  • RationalPlan

If you prefer a simplified system with major functionalities, RationalPlan is the right choice for you.

It provides a clear route to break down your project, schedule tasks, allocates resources and manages budgets.

It’s straightforward approach breaks even the complicated process into simple ones.

The key features of RationalPlan are

  1. Cost tracking and portfolio budgeting to streamline project progress.
  2. Real-time reporting that brings issues to attention.
  3. Task creation and sub tasking to break down complex processes into actionable steps.
  4. Gantt Charts, Kanban Boards for project mapping.
  5. The basic version is free with the necessary tools.

The Bottom line

These are some of the best project management software for freelancers. Before purchasing one, choose to go for a free trial of potential software. This way, you can understand what you need and what you don’t need.