Modern technology gives us many things.

InCase NoviConnected carry-on case has a built-in battery to charge your devices

We’ve written about of lot of smart products and the latest is a suitcase. Meet the InCase NoviConnected 4 Wheel Hubless Travel Roller that can charge your laptop and mobile and also tell you where it is.

The carry-on bag has a built-in 10,050mAh battery so it can charge your smartphone or tablet up to 4 times.

And with USB-C compatibility, it’s also got enough power to charge a MacBook or similar laptop as well.

How often have you seen people crowding around power points in airports trying to get a bit more charge to their device?

With the InCase NoviConnected case you have all the energy you need right in front of you.

The case itself is lightweight and made of Class A Makralon polycarbonate.


Inside are zippered pockets and compartments to store a surprising amount of clothes, shoes and other travel necessities.

But it’s what’s on the outside where you will notice the real difference.


Below the extendable handle is a small rubber flap that reveals a USB 3.0 and a USB-C port. Also included with the bag is a 1.5 m USB-C charging cable.

There are also four LED lights to indicate the charge level of the battery inside the case.


But the smarts don’t stop there.

The InCase NoviConnected travel roller also has Bluetooth on board so, with the companion app, you can check the battery level and set a proximity alarm that will sound when the link between the case and your phone is broken.

So if someone tries to walk off with your bag – you will receive and alert.


Also available to view in the app is the case’s last known location. It can actually remember the last five known locations through the in-app map.

The app can also trigger a “Find Me” alarm on the InCase NoviConnected case.


The case has four hubless wheels that rotate 360 degrees so it glides smoothly through the airport.

It also has a combination TSA approved lock and the extendable handle can be set in four positions to suit users of different heights.

Inside the bag are several zippered compartments and pockets so you can pack your things neatly and conveniently so they’ll will be in good shape when you reach your destination.


But the InCase NoviConnected 4 Wheel Hubless Travel Roller is not cheap. It’s priced at $479.95 which puts it into the same price bracket is the premium luggage brands.

But the convenience of having a battery at your fingertips while you’re travelling will pay for itself in the long-term.

And the added Bluetooth features provides additional peace of mind.


The InCase NoviConnected case is available now in six colours – matte black, gloss black, pearl, blue, pink and gloss white.

If you’re a frequent traveler and need to stay connected with your laptop and mobile devices then the InCase NoviConnected case is a great investment.